Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 14 in San Fernando: the Power of 4 words

This letter's going to be a little bit different in structure, in the sense that I'm going to focus more on a topic and less on what happened during the week. However, for a quick rundown on the highlights of the week: Hermana Bekaouche were able to serve Fanny, provide for Fermina, and see the great faith and determination of Fermina and Lilian in going to Stake Conference, regardless of the literal swim to get there in the downpour of rain! My companion and I are working on finding people to teach, and throughout the week we've focused on something KEY in the church, in the process of conversion, and in having the spirit present. This Key, this Foundation, consists of four simple words. When combined they form the title of the most powerful, and indeed "the most correct" book I have ever read. These four words are:


This last week I finished reading the Book of Mormon for the second time in Spanish. I've read the book more than a dozen times in English, but reading and studying it in Spanish has truly opened up a new door of information and insight. In the many times I read the Book of Mormon before the mission I studied it, I loved it, and I knew that it was true. However, I wasn't consistent in my reading. At times other worries got in the way: school, work, social demands. 
That all changed when I got out into the mission field and was brought "to the dust", greatly humbled. I was in a different country without a single family member or friend. I didn't understand the culture, the language, or what my purpose really was as a missionary. All I had was the power of prayer, of direct and personal communication with my Father in Heaven, and a blue book: the Book of Mormon. When I started seriously studying and taking in the words of this book my mission, and my life, changed dramatically. Plenty of you reading this email or blog post aren't members of the church, and may have a little trouble believing that a book could change anyone's life. 

Let me explain a little bit of the "How" with clips from my life this week.
First, visiting Fanny, an older sister in the ward. She has ulcers in her legs and it's extremely difficult for her to get around. She is constantly in a lot of pain. We stopped by during the week to serve her and share something from the Book of Mormon to brighten up her day. As we opened the Book of Mormon to read I asked Fanny what she wanted to learn about. She told me to pick something "linda", or pretty. We read a chapter from 3rd Nephi, or the teachings of Christ to the people in the Americas. As we read she closed her eyes and listened, completely at peace. We didn't read for a long time, perhaps 3 or 4 minutes. When we finished Fanny still had her ulcers, was still in pain. However, the look in her eyes made it clear that she was at peace inside. The Book of Mormon was able to bring her inner strength and health, peace in a turbulent time. 

My companion and I decided to teach Lilian her retention lesson "The Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ", using the Book of Mormon. As we read from 2nd Nephi 3, which talks of Joseph Smith and the great work he would accomplish in translating the Book of Mormon, Lilian and Zulma were all eyes and ears. Paying attention, asking questions when things weren't clear, and marking the verses we were studying. Zulma and Lilian are both converts to the church. They baptized in their 60's, moving forward in faith as the only members of their families. And here we were, studying this marvelous book with two strong, faith-filled women, women who found the strength to follow Christ through their testimony of a book, an ancient history of the people who lived in the Americas long before. I could feel the love they had for the Book of Mormon as we studied and read together. 
My new Companion: Hermana Bekaouche

Jorge Luis, a convert to the church, has been preparing to serve a mission. As he's worked on his papers he's been hit with a lot of trials and temptations. When we visited with him during the week I asked him how he was doing with daily prayer. He told me he was praying morning and night. When we asked him how his scripture reading was doing he said, honestly, that he was struggling to read consistently. Understanding his situation, as I was the same way before the mission, I invited him to participate in an activity with me. I had just finished reading the Book of Mormon through and was planning on starting over the same day. I invited him to "read with me". We decided to set the goal of reading 2 chapters a day, which will lead to us finishing up right before General Conference. He was really excited by the prospect. A couple days into the project now, I can tell you that I can already see a difference in him. He's not only reading the Book of Mormon, but has started to read the Bible as well. What power in a book, to bring us closer to all of God's words! 

Later that same day we went to visit Walter and his friend Raul, two less active members of the church. They have started coming back to church but still aren't reading the Book of Mormon. Being the persistent woman I am, I asked them to pull out their books, as we would be reading with them. We read 1 Nephi 1, taking turns reading. Throughout the chapter Walter would ask questions, and really seemed to get into the reading. I think he was almost disappointed when we didn't continue with chapter 2. His friend, Raul, before we left, asked us if we would mark something for him to read in the Book of Mormon. These two men, who weren't reading before, had completely changed with the reading of a single chapter. They then told us how they would be going to stake conference, an hour early to get a good spot, and that if help was needed afterwards to clean up that they wanted to be there. Is it not clear that the Book of Mormon can change our very desires and attitudes? With the reading of a single chapter. 

Often we visit Carmen, a 72 year old convert to share with her and her two fantastic grandsons, Yunca and Santiago. We ALWAYS do something with the Book of Mormon. Every little lesson and every game are centered around this book. Now, when we come through the door Yunca immediately asks us, "Should I bring the Bibles?", referring to the Book of Mormon. I have witnessed a huge change in these two young boys and their grandma as we take the time to read and play with the Book of Mormon. Yunca, 7 years old, is now teaching us about faith and repentance, is asking us about stories from the Book of Mormon. Santiago invites us in even when they're "busy". The Book of Mormon and its influence has changed these two little boys, and by watching this change take place Carmen has changed as well.

I could go on and on. Sharing with a less active regarding the Atonement. Sharing with a family after eating lunch together the importance of reading the Book of Mormon together as a family every night. 

Perhaps my favorite experience, making a covenant, or a promise with my Heavenly Father, that I would make and take the time to read the Book of Mormon for 15 minutes everyday for the rest of my life. By making this promise and doing everything in my power to fulfill my side of the deal, I have felt a difference in my reading. A power. Shout out to Elder Mason Miles for recommending making such a covenant! It works, and I invite each of you to consider doing the same.

This four word titled book Changes EVERYTHING. My week consisted of its power, and for this reason it's been the topic of this week's letter. 

Now, if anyone has any questions as to WHAT the Book of Mormon is, WHEN to read it, WHO it talks about, or anything else, email me! As a representative of Jesus Christ, I'd love to talk to anyone about this marvelous book:) 

I love you guys and I hope each of you knows it! 
Hermana Dickson


Week 13 in San Fernando: I have a new "hija"!

Hey guys! Let me introduce you to my third hija in the grand mission field:) Her name is Hermana Bekaouche and she's from Lima, Peru. She's the only member of her family and has been a member for 2 years, 3 months. She's amazing! She's only been on her mission since the 4th of June but is already such a great teacher and missionary. She's cooks extremely well (bonus on my part;) and is a lot of fun to be around:) She really loves the people from the moment she meets them, and does everything in her power to help them and serve them. She been a joy to work with and I know that with her drive we're going to see baptisms this transfer! :) 
My hair is dark again!

Now, onto the week shall we?? 
On Tuesday, the 16th of June, I hit 11 months in the mission. The end is nigh, and it's awful! Even with 7(6 and a half) months to go in the mission I have people sending me comments like this! "You're running out of time in Argentina so make it count! I'm so very proud of you!" (Love you Reed;) Unfortunately he's right (don't tell him), and I'm trying to make every day count! More and more I find myself loving the people at an even deeper level. Find myself giving more and more of myself over to the work, to the people, to my Savior. What a beautiful 11 months it has been, and what an amazing 7 months left to enjoy and explode! 
Vamos con todo! 
 Hermana Riquelme, Hermana Ayre, and I 

After hanging out with Hermana Johnson during the day (a true blast!) we headed over to the mission home to meet our new companions, aka hijas:) We went in through the back door and gathered in a room with the Elders who would also be training new missionaries. We were armed with hymn books and told to march out in a line, singing "Called to Serve" in Spanish. Man did it take me back to my first day in the field! By some cruel twist of fate and Elder-ly gentlemanness I was put in the front of the line, and off we went, singing loudly as we entered the living room where our future companions were. They looked at us like deer in the headlights. The two hermanas instantly looked over at Hermana Johnson and I, knowing that we would be their future "moms". I felt pretty nervous as Elder Lines started matching up companions with their trainers. However, as he called out Hermana Bekaouche and I went up to give her a hug I felt nothing but love for her. She's pretty short, maybe 4 foot 11, but as I got to know her a little bit I came to realize that she's truly a spiritual giant! The only member in her family, she left her mom practically alone in Peru to come out and serve a mission. 

After meeting our new companions we wasted no time in getting to our area and getting down to business! We visited with Fermina, Leo, and Yamila, and I learned very quickly that my hija already knows a ton! It was great getting to see her in action, teaching and loving these people like she'd been in the mission for months! Father always blesses me with such amazing hijas. 

We had a really great week, learning together, enjoying Peruvian food (whoo!), and getting to really see two miracles on Sunday. First off, Fermina was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. What a beautiful moment, to see this woman taking the first step in following her Savior. Right afterwards the bishop asked Leo to take a stand, in which he was sustained as someone eligible to receive the priesthood. I felt so unbelievably proud of him as he took this step! When talking to him later I could see the joy and happiness in his countenance, and it just filled me up. What a perfect, powerful work this is! That someone can completely change the course of their eternity in three short weeks, enter the waters of baptism, and be confirmed as a member of the church of Christ himself. That these wonderful members can then enter the temple like Lilian, receive the priesthood like Leo, pass the sacrament like Emanuel, and many more amazing and important steps.

Family, friends, and anyone else that's reading this email or blog post,

 this work is of God.

I know it with everything I've got. For this reason I'm living it in Argentina. For this reason people are coming unto Christ and changing their lives for the better, for the very best.

So this week I'd like to invite each of you, like I invited Leo, to read the Book of Mormon and then ask God if it is true. And, like Leo, you may have to pray two or three times to receive an answer. Like Leo, it might take a couple days. But, like Leo, you WILL receive an answer. Of this I have No doubt. 

Let me know how it goes:)
Love you all,
Hermana Dickson

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 12 in San Fernando: Lots of goodbyes and I'm training again!

Summary: Birthday Surprises, Leo's answer, Fermina's baptism, and saying goodbye to everyone and their dog! Oh, and I'm a "mom" again;)

It's been great!


Bowling round 2: last P-day


That great P-day in Tigre


 Wow! I have a ton to write about this week! Where to even start? Unfortunately I left my agenda in the pension.... so we're going to go off my memory and hope that it all works out! For those of you who know me you're probably pretty worried right about now, as my memory is terrible, pero bueno! 


Feeling the birthday love!

This dog followed me around the whole day on  my birthday!

Happy Birthday from Jorge Luis:

First off, a big thanks to everyone who participated in making my 20th birthday the best yet! A huge shout out to Jorge Luis, the Velazquez family, my companion Hermana Riquelme, Genesis Mansilla and her brother Matias, as well as all those from my home ward who wished me happy birthday! At the end of the day we headed over to the church to help with the ward family home evening. As we were entering the gym area to do the games the lights go off and everyone's singing happy birthday as a cake comes my way with a huge sparkler in the middle! Man, it was fantastic! I really felt like I was with my family. At 9 we had to rush home, our arms full of all sorts of birthday things! One of my boots was killing me, so my companion took it and I went walking back to the pension with one boot;) What a blast!

We went to visit Leo Saturday night and were talking with him about how to gain a testimony. He had been praying to receive his own testimony that the church was true and that the Book of Mormon was true, but hadn't felt anything. I hadn't been sure what to do to help, but as we were talking with him I felt prompted to invite him to read the Book of Mormon before praying to know if these things were true. When we talked to him the next day he told us that he had read 1 Nephi 2 and had actually prayed three times, just to make sure it "worked". He told us that he had received his own answer and that he knew the church was true. Leo will be receiving the priesthood this upcoming Sunday!! Fermina was also baptized this Sunday. What an amazing experience! 
Fermina's baptism

On Sunday was the big missionary farewell. Man, I feel like I know everyone who's heading back to their houses and it's terrible! I am going to miss these Elders! Shout out to Elder Fabila, Elder Periera, Elder Stout, Elder Miles, Elder Zollinger, and Elder Roberts! I am going to miss these guys! Each one of them has made an impact on my mission and it's going to be hard without them! 
I got to see Rosana at the Farewell:)
Some signs we made for the elders going home!

Last note of business, I will be training my third hija this transfer. That's right, 3 time mom!! Not only that, but my temporary companion for today is none other than Hermana JOHNSON, my MTC companion! Awesome! I will sure miss Hermana Riquelme.  Here is some great food we made:

Torta Frita

Empanadas from Scratch!

Love you guys! I'll be sure to update next week regarding my new hija:) 
Hint: she is from South America.  Another surprise:
Hermana Riquelme turned my hair back to it's natural color, a better picture of the results will be shown next week! Remember we are heading into Winter down here, thus the scarfs and heavy coats.  (Probably her coldest June birthday ever!)

Con Amor,
Hermana Dickson

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 11 in San Fernando: Exchanges with Tigre, Capilla Abierta in San Fernando, and Leo's Baptism!

Hey guys! We're getting ridiculously close to my 20th birthday, and boy is that weird! But that's alright:) Thank you to everyone who took part in the pictures for my birthday! Let's get to the week shall we?:) 

Monday: A great P-day in Tigre! The river reminds me a lot of my home in Missouri.
Photos of Tigre:

 Puerto de Frutos: Tigre

 Shucks! No swimming ;)

My fantastic cousin turned 20 years old! Here's a shout out to Dominique Temple who is serving in Chile! 
Consisted of a surprise zone meeting:) We talked about developing the mindset of baptizing weekly. We all participated in a group practice of how to have a short lesson with someone. 

We were able to visit with Leo. He's progressing so well towards his baptism. We've gone over the interview questions about 5 times now, per his request;) I can't wait to see Leo progress! He keeps asking us when he'll be able to receive the priesthood.
We were given an amazing vianda (take home lunch) from Hermana Mercedes


Early in the morning we traveled to the mission house to have our zone conference with President and the assistants. It was an amazing experience! The spirit was strong, everyone participated, and we were able to learn as a team how to better find, invite, and verify. I'm sure going to miss the assistants when they leave in about a week. Everyone seems to be ending their mission! 
After the meeting we went on exchanges. I was with Hermana Carter in Tigre. We had gone to Tigre for Pday and I had really enjoyed seeing how beautiful it is, as well as take pictures of the river, which reminded me of Cape Girardeau back home. I was able to share a scripture with one of their investigators, which was just what he needed, as well as practice applying all we had learned in the zone conference. 

Capilla Abierta! What an amazing experience! Lots of people came, members and nonmembers alike, as well as less actives. One man came in from off the streets to listen. As we were testifying of the Savior he began to cry. He was incredibly prepared to be there at that time. It made the entire night worth it, to see one of God's children discovering the truth after searching for it for so long. 

Leo's baptism! He came early to church, with his ENTIRE family! That boy is on fire! He is already such a missionary. I can already picture him 5 years from now with his tag out preaching the gospel in another part of the world. He has changed so much in these last 3 weeks. He's become like a little son to myself and Hermana Riquelme, and we were beyond thrilled to see him bring his entire family, who are not members, to all three hours of church, as well as his baptism! It was the highlight of the entire week. I love him very much and know he has big things ahead of him.

Love you guys!
Hermana Dickson
My ward back home wishing me Happy Birthday this week :)!

The Caldwell Family

The Cape Youth

The Cape Relief Society

Wonderful weekly update that Hermana Riquelme wrote for her family:

HOLAAAAAAAAAAAA, COMO ESTAN TODOOOS?? esta semana fue GENIAL , ahi les cuento que paso:

no teniamos mucho para hacer,asique fuimos a tigre,primero a un lugar que no existia jajjaj,fue bueno igual,despues del pday, genesis nos acompaño a ver a leo! el es un capo,enserio es un misionero sin placa y sin ser miembro! tambien vimos a carmen y sus nietos ellos siempre aprenden super rapido,estamos trabajando mucho con ella para que vuelva a la capilla por completo, hasta ahora no falto ningun domingo. fue un dia muy corto pero muy bueno!

Despues de los estudios en la mañana,y despues de comer,fuimos a buscar a melani para que nos acompañe y visitamos a jorge luis,el es un menos activo que estaba preparando sus papeles para ir a la mision,tiene la meta de ir a la capilla,leer y orar cada dia,tambien de hablar con el obispo y mandar sus papeles el 1 de julio.jugamos un juego con el libro de mormon y los nietos de carmen! es increíble la importancia de tener un miembro que nos acompañe! ellos hacen que cada dia sea distinto,son tan especiales!! no pudimos ver a fermina este dia pero sabemos que esta re bien con sus compromisos igual que leo!!

tuvimos una reunion de zona INCREIBLE hablamos de algunas cosas que necesitamos hacer para poder encontrar mas elegidos y bautizar semanalmente. la clave esta en que podamos creer que podemos hacerlo,si no lo creemos nosotros no vamos a hacer nada por que las personas tampoco van a creer que pueden hacerlo en 3 semanas. fue tan genial,siempre salimos muy animadas despues de cada reunion!! despues de la reunion almorzamos con la familia mansilla y despues vimos a fermina,ella esta re bien,siempre cumple con sus compromisos,va a las citas que tenemos en la capilla! esta lista ya. igual que leo,el esta tan animado por su bautismo, ya nos estaba preguntando cuando iva recibir el sacerdocio para poder repartir la santa cena! el es muy especial,realmente un ejemplo,sus padres no estaban de acuerdo por completo con el bautismo,pero el siguio adelante por que el dice que quiere seguir a jesucristo y para que sus padres puedan casarse y bautizarse tambien!!

dia de planeamiento semanal,muy buenoooo!! lo que mas me gusta hacer en planeamiento semanal son los inventarios :p por que mi compañera siempre tiene miedo,este fue el mas especial con ella,esta semana me senti un poco mal,y ella fue mi mama literalmente, me calento la comida y me la llevo a la cama,y asi muchas cosas para que me sienta mejor! la paciencia que me tiene es increible!! amo tanto a hermana dickson,ella me ayuda un monton en todo!! almorzamos en la pension,las viandas de la hermana mercedes son lo mas! siempre es comida taaaaan rica jaja. como ustedes ya saben amo comer cualquier cosa! en la tarde fuimos a ver a leo y a fermina tambien,la verdad que no tengo palabras para describirles ellos son tan especiales,y les amamos tanto!!  las lecciones con ellos son muy buenas y espirituales! 

tuvimos una conferencia de zona GENIAL!!!! la cantidad de cosas que pude aprender es increible,los asistentes son tan capooos, siempre podemos aprender de ellos, en esta conferencia aprendimos a invitar,comprometer y verificar. presidente ayre y su esposa ahhh son tan especiales,les amo muchisimo. despues de la conferencia de zona,hicimos divisiones con las hermanas entrenadoras, hermana hawkins vino a san fernando conmigo y hermana dickson se fue a tigre con hermana carter! tenia un poco de miedo al principio por que fue la primera vez que me quede en el area sin mi compañera,pero fue muy buenooo,hna hawkins es una capa y tan tan buena!! aprendi muchas cosas con ella,oscar nos acompaño y visitamos a la familia poma compartimos una escritura con ellos y fue muy bueno!
tambien vimos a jorge luis el va ir a la capilla abierta del sabado,esta re bien,un poco mas animado por sus papeles! teniamos cena con la flia velazquez pero no llegamnos a comer por que teniamos que ir a la pension(eso fue muy triste jaja)

CAPILLA ABIERTA EN SAN FERNANDO! fue una experiencia realmente increibleeeeee!, ver como las personas tienen deseos de conocer la iglesia. un hombre estaba pasando por la capilla y los elderes le invitaron a pasar, cuando estabamos testificando de jesucristo el se puso a llorar,y dijo que el nunca habia sentido lo que sintio esta noche y tambien nos conto que el estaba buscando a jesucristo. eso hizo que toda la noche valga la pena! ver que uno de los hijos de dios encuentre lo que tanto buscaba,me anima a seguir cada dia para encontrar a los elegidos!

Para terminar con esta sem,ana tan buenaaaaaa tuvimos el privilegio de ver el bautismo de leo,todo fue tan especial, el trajo a toda su familia desde las 9 de la mañana hasta la 1 y media de la tarde estuvieron acompañando a leo,eso fue increible!! nosotras podemos verle como a un hijo,en un par de años con su placa compartiendo el evangelio con las personas en alguna parte de sion.
fue una semana increible y terminamos de la mejor manera con un bautismo. 
Se que por nuestros esfuerzos ppodemos ver milagros en nuestras vidas y en las vidas de las demas personas tambien, dios nos ayuda siempre, solo somos instrumentos en sus manos,esta es su obra!!
Hermana Riquelme


Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 10 in San Fernando: His Will, Not Mine

Hey guys! We've hit June, which means I'm a month and 16 days from hitting a year in the mission. I can't believe it. Neither can I begin to grasp the concept of turning 20 on the 12th of June. Talk about mind blown! My life has changed so many times since I put the tag on and caught a plane down to Argentina. I'm not going to come back as I left. But I am going to come back more "Mallory Dickson" than ever. Here in the mission I've been given the chance to find out more of who I am. Of who I can be. I have learned and am learning, that it is HIS will, not mine.

At the Capilla Abierta (Open House)

Martes: Helaman 11:13 "O Lord, wilt thou hearken unto me, and cause that it may be done according to  my words, and send forth rain upon the face of the earth, that she may bring forth her fruit, and her grain in the season of grain."

After writing you guys in the morning we went off to pick up lunch. It had already started pouring. The entire day it rained off and on. However, in spite of the rain and the cold we had both Genesis and Matias Mansilla accompany us throughout the day, Genesis in the afternoon and Matias in the evening. We were able to check up on Fermina and her progress,and teach Leo about the priesthood and prophets. The greatest moment of the day was hearing Matias state the first vision from memory. We had invited him to do so the last time he had accompanied us, and without even a reminder from us he told us that he had learned it from memory. As he recited it the spirit was present. Both Hermana Riquelme and I were so proud of him. He's going to be a great missionary.
 Later that night we went to contact a referral from Elder Stout, one of the assistants. It was a referral he had received two years earlier, and had just found it. It turns out that the man, Coco, had moved. We went to his work, and there we were actually able to meet him. He was very nice, and told us that he had actually moved to Victoria. We were shocked as he told us his new address, as it just happened to be in Elder Stout's current area! We were so excited to be able to call him and tell him the new address. We knew that it wasn't coincidence.

Miercoles: Alma 17:17 "Therefore they separated themselves one from another and went forth among them, every man alone, according to the word and power of God which was given unto him."

The morning was going well until about 10am. We were in the middle of our companionship studies when I felt really sick. Sick enough that I had to go lay down. I had my eyes closed and was trying to not focus on the pain when my companion came in the room. She told me that it was 10:30, and gently asked me if I felt up to going to the district meeting. I really wasn't sure. I wanted to go, badly, but I didn't think my body was up to it. I told her I'd let her know if I felt up to going. She nodded and grabbed the general conference of the Liahona before sitting down on the ground by my bed, keeping me company. As I laid there I said a prayer, asking if I should get up and go, or if I needed to rest. As I did so I didn't receive an answer in form of a feeling or impression, but the pain left. I took that as an answer, and off we went, a little late, but on our way. I didn't feel well during the meeting, but managed to learn from the spirit anyway.Something particular that was said really stuck out to me. It was a comment from Elder Roberts, one of our zone leaders. He said: Ïn the end the most successful missionaries aren't the most eloquent; but, rather, those who teach simply." The comment really struck both my companion and I. And it's true. The most powerful missionaries rely completely on the spirit. Many times I think we rely far too much on ourselves and our limited capabilities.

After the meeting we headed into the offices to say hi to Elder and Hermana Lines. I still wasn't feeling well. My companion talked to Elder Lines and mentioned that I needed a blessing. I wasn't going to ask for one, as I felt abashed after already receiving 2 health blessings here in San Fernando during my time serving here. However, my companion, lovingly and sternly, took matters into her own hands and told Elder Lines that I needed a blessing. Elder Lines instantly asked Elder Roberts and Elder Bonilla if they would help with the blessing. They agreed and we went into a side office, where I took a seat in the middle. Elder Lines and Elder Roberts helped with the blessing. It was given in English, a rare treat. As they spoke I could feel the spirit, and although I still felt physically weak after the blessing I felt spiritually strengthened. It was a powerful experience. More than anything was what my companion shared with me afterwards. She told me that I never needed to be embarrassed or shy about asking for a blessing. She told me that the priesthood was on the earth for this purpose, so that it could be exercised. She told me that I had the right to ask for a blessing whenever I needed one. It really stood out to me, and I'm never going to forget this lesson learned.

Later in the evening we went on splits with two youth from the ward. We were able to teach nine lessons with them in two hours and find three new investigators! However, more than that was the blessing of seeing the two of them growing and gaining more confidence in their ability to share the gospel with others:)

Jueves: Doctrine and Covenants 135:3

We got to watch the Joseph Smith video with Lilian! It was so great to see her! She actually gave us each a bracelet, thanking us for all that we had done for her.

The wonderful gifts from Lilian: beautiful bracelets!

She is just too fantastic.

 Later in the evening we were able to teach Fermina. We had an appointment with her in the church at 6:30. My companion and I were actually a little late, and weren't sure if she was actually going to make it. However, as we entered we saw her sitting down in a chair waiting for Us! We were able to teach her the Restoration. As I was sharing the first vision of Joseph Smith she interrupted me to say that she already believed that it was true. We are working with such prepared people here in San Fernando right now!
I'm working on a gift for Lilian:

Viernes: 1 Nephi 3:7 " And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them." and 1 Nephi 3:15 "But behold I said unto them that: As the Lord liveth, and as we live, we will not go down unto our father in the wilderness until we have accomplished the thing which the Lord hath commanded us."

Paula's 14th birthday! (One of the assistants' recent converts). We were able to help out with the party in the evening. We gave her as a gift a necklace with a quarter and a peso, to represent the two of us, Hermana Dickson and Riquelme:) Upon entering the church we ran into Elder Fabila and Elder Stout. Elder Stout asked me where my Capilla Abierta tag was, the tag we should be wearing until our Capilla Abierta, or open chapel, this upcoming Saturday. I told him I couldn't find it. He thanked my companion for having hers and jokingly thanked her for being obedient, giving her a fist bump. Elder Fabila had lost his as well. Upon noticing such I joking said: "Go rebels!" and gave him a fist bump. He seemed to think it was pretty funny, and the scriptures for today sum up the rebels and the obedient;) Enjoy!

Sabado: 2 Nephi 26:25 "Behold, doth he cry unto any, saying: Depart from me? Behold, I say unto you, Nay; but he saith: Come unto me all ye ends of the earth, buy milk and honey, without money and without price."

Saturday mostly consisted of helping out in Don Torcuato, a different area in our zone. We were helping with their Capilla Abierta. It was great to be able to teach many members, less actives, and people who aren't members about the church and the things that we believe:)
Also, Lilian was able to go into the temple!! I can't begin to describe how happy my comp and I were for her!


We had all sorts of miracles come to church! We went for Leo, (what an adventure. We had called him in the morning to wake him up before we walked over to pick him up but no one had answered. We went to his house anyway and tried calling and ringing the doorbell, but to no avail. It was about 8:45 and it takes 15 minutes to walk to the church from there, so my companion said we should start heading over. I knew that she was right, but felt like we needed to wait. While I was saying a quick prayer to know what to do, someone answered the door. We were able to wake Leo up, and get to church at 9:15, walking in the doors just as the sacrament was being passed. God truly is within even the DETAILS of our lives.) and saw Fermina present (she had come by herself once more!) as well as Lilian (she had also came alone as Zulma was unable to attend)! We also saw the Poma family, less actives that haven't come for months! It was an awesome Sunday.

All I can say is that God was present this week, as He is in every week, when we take the time to look for His hand.  

This upcoming week, take the time to look for it!

Hermana Dickson