Monday, October 13, 2014

7th Week in Argentina :)

Bien Dia Todos! Mucho Amor and cosas para hablar sobre este Semana:) 
This week's email might be a little shorter, but hopefully spiritual and enjoyable to read as well:) It's getting warm over here, at least for today. The rain has been keeping the heat at bay, but we'll have to see.

 (Last night, Mallory and her companion were out working and they saw a family in their ward out cleaning the area in front of their house.  Mallory and her companion had the opportunity to help them at the spur of the moment and Guillermo was kind enough to send pictures of the fun service!)

 The Littlest Helper!

Guillermo helping us with service!

Sperry's since I spend a lot of the day walking.


The big event of this week occurred on the 10th. During the morning I made a personal decision. I decided that I was tired worrying about my own problems and struggles, tired of not speaking out on the street or during lessons. I was tired of being shy, of having things to say and then not saying them out of worry or fear. I decided that I was going to go out onto the streets that day with the intent of worrying about everyone but me. With the intent of talking to everyone we saw and inviting them to learn more. I was tired of being shy, so I decided I was going to be brave. With this mindset, we hit the pavement. My companion wasn't feeling very well, but I felt like I was on fire. I wanted to talk with everyone.
I stopped several times during our walks to various appointments to invite people to come to church and to share a little bit about Christ. I think my companion was taken back by the sudden change of personality. I was taken back myself. And during all of this I felt so Good. I felt like I was finally helping and pulling my weight as a missionary. I felt like a representative of Christ. We taught 6 lessons, more than even our goal, and found someone truly interested in learning more about the gospel. It was such a blessing. 
 That night we talked with Marcos, a relative of our convert Zulma, and gave him a book of Mormon. As always, the power of the spirit was present as I shared my testimony of the Book of Mormon and testified of its truthfulness. The key to our religion, to everything we hold dear, truly is the Book of Mormon. Through this book I have gained my own personal testimony of Christ. He has become a real person to me. The atonement of Christ isn't just a beautiful thought, but a powerful reality. I can also bear personal testimony that the Book of Mormon is the way to receive personal revelation and answers. This week we have really been focusing on the Book of Mormon and the power it has in the conversion process, whether for those not of the church or for those who have been members for their entire lives.
The next day we had an amazing lesson with Maria. We were talking about the Book of Mormon and the part that she had read, 3 Nephi 11. While talking to her she said, holding the book, that she believed it to be true, and that she valued it- What a testimony builder for me! We also shared about Joseph Smith and the first vision, in which I recited it in his own words. As always the spirit was strong and present, and I know she could feel it as well. We also visited with Tanya, the woman we'd found the day before, and once again talked about the Book of Mormon. We gave her a copy and once again I was blessed to bear testimony regarding it. There is POWER in this book. Read it. Study it. Never take it for granted. There is great power in this Book. 
All of the Hermanas (Sisters) in our mission!

Watching the conference together!)
 Having a great almuerzo (lunch)!

Getting to see my MTC companion: Hermana Johnson :)!
Today for Preparation day all of the Hermanas gathered together at the mission house to watch the Women' conference.( In the United States this was broadcast live the last Saturday of September.)  It was wonderful to see my Hermanas and to see President and Hermana Ayre. It always feels like home there. 
(Mission flashback: the day Mallory and her district arrived in Argentina!) 

I'm am so thankful to be out here on a mission. Already the time has flown, with this Thursday marking my 3rd month in the mission.
Much love for all!
Hermana Dickson:)

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