Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 12 in Parque Patricios, Argentina

 (This letter is a day later than usual because of transfers.  Every 6 weeks P-day is on Tuesday instead of Monday.)
It has been a jam-packed week! So much to write down, and a lot of change. First of all, as of this morning I received my third companion on the mission, 2nd in Argentina. Last night Hermana Arnsten packed up all of her things, and today Bishop took us to the offices to drop off my companion and to find my new one. Her name is Hermana Pilliza:) She is from Equador and España, has about 16 months in the mission, and only speaks Spanish. It'll be a great opportunity for me to practice my HSI;) I'm sure that'll bring a few smiles from my CCM District;) She seems really determined and ready to explode this area, and I can't wait to work hard and to see miracles here in Parque Patricios!
So much has happened this last week. I forgot to bring my old agenda with me, with the record of what on earth I did each day, as I never can remember or keep it straight, but I'll do my best to hit the highlights:) The week started with a severe elevation of vision from President. He had felt impressed that every companionship in the mission needed to do everything possible to teach 50 lessons with a member, find 5 elect, and have 5 people in church. For those of you who don't know, having 50 lessons in one week is a lofty goal indeed. My companion and I were used to hitting more like 25 a week, which is good. The standard of excellence in general for missionaries is 20 lessons a week. By giving it our all and working a ton, we were able to accomplish 50 lessons, something my companion had never accomplished in all of her months! We taught 12 lessons in a day during the week, breaking my record of lessons in a day as well. It felt so good to accomplish so much each day, and I know that President was inspired by the Lord to raise our vision. I remember during the week saying in my prayers, ¨Father, we're going to have 50 lessons this week. President said we can, and we are going to.¨It wasn't a question. It was a knowledge. I had no doubt that it was possible and that we were going to achieve it.

At the end of the week we were visited by Elder Christofferson of the 12 apostles of the church. He spoke to us in Castallano! He's a lot of fun, and inspired us to continue to work hard. All of the speakers, himself included, focused on the power of the atonement: for the missionaries, for the members, and for the investigators. They focused on the Power the atonement had. It was truly inspiring.
The end of the week was interesting, and consisted of a lot of travel. On Saturday we got up early, at 5, to make it to San Fernando before 9 for Elder Christofferson. We then went up to the Despedida on Sunday, where my companion sang and bore her testimony. Hermana Arnsten is heading back up to Arizona this week. She was a great missionary and I was happy to serve with her and learn from her. On Monday we went to San Isidero for my companion's last interview with president. All the missionaries that are ending their missions were there. It felt quite weird to be among all of them. We also had another despedida for my companion, thrown by the relief society, last night.

last night for my companion at the Montiels

If all of this had happened 6 weeks earlier it might have been hard for me to handle. But, through all of this I've realized how much I want to be here. How ready I am to work hard and to give it everything I've got. I'm in a period of the mission where I am growing and changing in so many ways. My Spanish, my sense of direction (sometimes sketchy;), my spirituality, how comfortable I am talking to the people out on the streets. It has all changed so much from when I first set foot in Argentina. Also, this last Sunday I hit my 4 month mark in the mission. I feel like I still have a ton of time, and yet also feel like I have so little remaining. It's a little confusing.
On Sunday I recieved a call from Hermana Ayre telling me that my dad had been called as Stake President back home. I was so excited for him and know that he will accomplish great things with the Lord's help! This means that he will release me from my missionary service in 14 months. The Lord truly works in mysterious and marvelous ways.

My dad in Missouri

I know that this church is true, and I know it even more, feel even stronger that it is, through this work. There is a power coursing through this work that is impossible to ignore or deny. It demands our attention, and our best efforts. I can't really describe the power I feel, but I know it is of God, and that it can only be found in this work. The harvest of souls for Jesus Christ. Everything we do points to Him. Everything we accomplish is through His grace and His help. I know that I am not here working in Argentina alone. I have never been alone. And this has never been ¨my¨work. This is the work of God. Whether or not I came it would have pressed forward, forever growing and strengthening, touching and changing lives. But, by coming out I have insured that it will forever change mine. This time is precious. I would not give it up for any one or thing.

This work is true.

Hermana Dickson

my new companion

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