Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 6 in San Fernando: Our miracle baptism :) and transfers

How is everyone doing? Happy Mother's Day early! (And for those of you who aren't mothers, tell your mothers happy mother's day.) Lots of changes, little and big miracles, and, as always, lots to write about!

First off, we had transfers today. Hermana Yancey, my first daughter of the mission, is now serving in Urquiza (part of my old zone Belgrano) with Hermana Bustos. She was an amazing companion in every aspect and Hermana Riquelme and I are really feeling her absence, but are also really excited for her and all of the miracles she's going to bring to her new area! In fact, as Hermana Riquelme and I were kneeling down to pray before leaving our apartment, the fact that we were now just down to two hit me. I had to wait a couple minutes to say the prayer, as tears started falling. I'll tell you what, the mission turns you into such a big baby. But it's fine.

On our last night with the 3 of us, we had morroc ice cream (kind of like mouse tracks in the US with vanilla, and dulce de leche granizado (with chocolate chips).
Hermana Yancey, yo, Hermana Riquelme

On Monday we had a wonderful Pday in the mission house:) We made cookies, played Uno (appropriate given that we're in a Spanish speaking country...), and played ping-pong:) We took the train back home and got changed just in time to go out and work:)

At the mission home last P-day

On Tuesday we had divisions with Hermana Hawkins:) Hermana Riquelme went with Hermana Duràn to Tigre as Hermana Yancey and I stayed in San Fernando. It was a spectacular day. We found new people to teach, and had 7 citas fijas, or scheduled appointments. Of the 7, 4 were there. We were able to teach almost the entire day straight! 

On Wednesday the rain hit! It was freezing cold, but we bundled up and went off to our zone meeting! As a zone we had 15 baptisms this last month:) It was truly a miracle and a blessing! 

On Friday Hermana Yancey hit her four month mark! It's crazy to think that she already has 4 months in the mission!

Picture of my "baby" as promised last week.
Hermana Riquelme

On Sunday we had a miracle of a baptism! 

At the beginning of the week we went by Camila's to ask for permission to teach her. We had actually brought her to church with us the Sunday before, but had been told that she was a baptism of the ward and not of us. Later, while talking with our mission leader, we were told that it was a baptism of the mission, and that as soon as we had the permission of her parents that we could teach her. We stopped by on Tuesday while in divisions with Hermana Hawkins and got the permission from Juliana, Camila's mom. From there we taught her all of the lessons, she had her interview with our district leader on Saturday, and was baptized on Sunday.

 It was such a beautiful experience! Her mom came, as well as her brother who is already a member. One of the young men baptized her. She had already been going to church alone for months, if not years. She is truly an example of strength, of truly trying to follow the Savior. To get up at 8 every Sunday, at the age of 8 and younger, and walk with her 11 year old brother to the church is incredible. We didn't have to do much to help such an incredible girl get baptized. When we asked her on Tuesday when she wanted to be baptized she told us "this Sunday!" We obviously did everything we could to make such a reality.

Baptism of Camila
Yancey, yo, Riquelme

We also had the Despida, or the missionary farewell, on Sunday. I was singing with Hermana Hawkins, Elder Wilhelm, and Elder Thurgood (Hermana Durán on flute with Hermana Lines on piano). I was a little nervous, as I'm not big on singing in front of a couple hundred people, but I was told that it didn't go too badly, so I guess there's that;) It was truly a beautiful experience to be able to sing and share my testimony in such a way with so many. We sang, Yo sè que vive mi Señor, or, I know that my Redeemer lives. At the Despida I got to see Ausi, Brenda and Fatima Pucheta, and Hermana Weitl. It was so amazing to see all of them. It was goodbye for now with Brenda and Fatima, as the two of them will be leaving for their respective missions in four short weeks: Columbia and Bolivia. They're going to do amazing things! I also got to hear from Hermana Olmedo. Ausi had me do a voice recording for Hermana Olmedo before the Despida started, and at the end I got to hear the response. It was great to hear from her!   

I love you all and am so glad to be out here serving in Buenos Aires. It is a place of miracles. It is a place of love. It is a place of second chances. To get to know God. Nothing has compared with this time thus far in my life. I have never been so full of love. Seeing Brenda and Fatima heading off on the mission. Seeing Ausi and hearing from Hermana Olmedo. Hearing from Hermana Weitl that Emanuel received the Aaronic Priesthood. Hearing from the sisters of Parque Patricios that Domingo received the Aaronic Priesthood as well. Simply having the privilege of being the "mom" of two beautiful and talented daughters. I've never loved more than I do now.

Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Dickson

(Mallory was assigned the same computer as last week that won't send pictures.  So a huge thank you to Hermanas Yancey and Riquelme who forwarded their photos!)

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