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Palermo Week 3

Once again, an extremely full week! I wanted to start off with a scripture I found this week that really got my attention.

Ausi and I at the Baptism

Alma 38:5 from the Book of Mormon:

"as much as ye shall put your trust in God even so much ye shall be delivered out of your trials, and your troublesand your afflictions,  and ye shall be lifted up at the last day." 

Alright, on to the week we go:) 

On the Way to La Boca 

La Boca 

On Monday we went to La Boca:) We had planned on taking pictures and shopping, but the weather had other plans. With the howling wind and rain we decided to go straight for the Boca chapel where we played ultimate Frisbee! It was Sweet, even if I did get a little beat up:) 

ouch! frisbee pain

After a fun p-day we met up with All, who accompanied us to visit Daiana:) We taught her the word of wisdom and the law of chastity, helping her understand that her body is a temple and something sacred, that she truly is a daughter of God with divine potential. We then visited with Hermana Veronica and her little son Luca! 

On Tuesday we started out the day with our district meeting:) My companion and I talked about the importance of unity in a companionship. To teach the principle we decided to demonstrate a lack of unity;) I taught the entire thing, going on and on. Afterwards I said we were going to read a scripture. My companion started to announce where the scripture was found but I cut her off mid-sentence, telling her that she was wrong and that the scripture was actually in Alma. All of the Elders in our district looked at me with their mouths hanging open! However, before everyone got the impression that I was an evil dictator, my companion explained that we had been acting, and explained the importance of having unity. I thought it went really well and enjoyed acting;) Elder Cook also had his birthday, so we sneakily bought him a cake as a zone and sang to him:) After the district meeting we had lunch with Hermana Chiclayo who took us to a restaurant close to her house:) Yum! After lunch my companion was feeling sick with a bad cold, so we headed home so she could rest. I didn't mind, as the wind was horrible outside, smacking against the windows! To keep myself occupied I read my scriptures and marked up my bible. 

On Wednesday both of us felt ill! You'd think I'd be used to such things by now... After our vianda of rice and milanesa, Javier accompanied us in the rain:) With him we were able to teach Anderson, Medita, Kevin, and Daiana. Afterwards we met up with the Sandon family and did some practices for how they could invite their friends to go to church:) It actually turned out really well. As we got back to the house at the end of the day I realized that Javier had actually been teaching me as well throughout the day. He taught me the importance of fasting, and that we shouldn't worry if we don't receive an immediate answer. Every fast will be answered, but in God's time and in His way. I also loved what he had to say about prayer. About following through with promptings received and trusting in the Lord. It was amazing!

On Thursday I read about 20 chapters in the Book of Mormon in the morning, as my companion still wasn't feeling too well. It was so cool to see the entire mission of Ammon and his brothers and how the Lord used them as instruments to save so many thousands of people! Later that day Victor accompanied us:) I managed to lose 76 pesos... but it was a good day regardless:) We visited Juan, a less active member. He had a Book of Mormon that he wanted us to give away. I told him we would be happy to do so, but only if he was willing to do three things before that. First, read a single chapter in the book. Second, write his feelings or testimony regarding what he had read. And third, go with us to give the book away to one of his neighbors. I don't think he was expecting that! However, we didn't give him room to wiggle his way into excuses and agreed that yes, he would read, write, and be ready to give the Book of Mormon away the following week. Success! We also visited a referral we had received. His name is Brian and he's currently in the hospital recovering from an accident. He was actually very receptive and we were able to teach him a little bit about the Restoration of the gospel:) This lesson was followed by visiting Daiana, with whom we went over the baptismal questions:) She had also already finished everything we'd left for her to read, so I had to think of some more homework for her! We finished up the day visiting Carlitos and teaching him about the importance of the temple:) Before leaving we sang "Families can be together forever" in English and Spanish so that we could practice for the real deal on Sunday. It went really well and the spirit was felt.


Friday came around and off we went to lunch with the Herrera family:) It was my first time, and I have to say I loved it. They are such an example of living the gospel in their family. The love between husband and wife and towards their children is evident immediately. After lunch my companion and I headed back to the apartment as we both felt ill... yay! However, we had Daiana's baptismal interview later that evening, so off we went at 6 to pick her up and head over to the church. Everything went extremely well, and after the interview Elder Cook and Elder Merma gave my comp and I a blessing. As Elder Cook was giving me the blessing I felt as though Father was giving me instructions and guiding me. He talked about the importance of prayers, to always remember that God is my Father, and that I needed to be prepared for the people that were prepared for me. 

My Companion's Wonderful Peruvian cooking!

Cutting onions makes her cry.

Lomo saltado with rice

Papas fritas
(French fries)

Saturday consisted of making lomo saltado, a Peruvian dish that I love, with the Sandon family! After cooking it and eating it we visited Jaghira and Mary, and I got to hang out with Mary's little daughter and her legos:)

We then headed over to the church to teach Zulieka the gospel of Jesus Christ lesson. After teaching her briefly my comp and I didn't know where to go. We called and called but no one was home, or didn't want to answer their phone, or couldn't receive us on such short notice. then, all of a sudden, my companion felt prompted to call Daiana. We both knew that she was out of town for the day, but my comp had been receiving the prompting several times to call her and hadn't really paid attention to the feeling. However, when we called Daiana answered and said that she was home and that we could stop by. What a blessing! I've learned many times on my mission that when we receive a prompting from the spirit we HAVE to act, no matter what. It doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense or if it's not what we want. All that matters is trusting in God, trusting that His vision exceeds our own. 

And then she was baptized! That's right, on Sunday Daiana was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints! But let's back up a second. In the morning when my companion and I entered Relief Society, the sister speaking pointed at me and started talking about my piano abilities. She then asked me, in front of the class, if I'd be willing to play for sacrament meeting. Shocked, I said sure, to which she found one of the bishopric, scheduled everything, and came back to tell me that I would be playing a special number that very day! Talk about nuts! I ended up playing Pachabel's canon in D. Then we had the baptism! It was beautiful. All of Daiana's family came. I couldn't help thinking as we sat there how we hadn't done anything to bring about the baptism. That really EVERY baptism was God's baptism. We don't prepare the people. We don't even choose them. God puts us together. It's beautiful and humbling, working side by side with God in the mission. My companion and I also sang our song Families can be together mix in Spanish and English:) We had lunch with Elder and Hermana Hunter (awesome) and the rest of the day was pretty sweet:)

Beautiful Baptism of Daiana

I'm extremely blessed to be here in the mission and love every moment I have been given and every moment yet to come. Love all of you! 

Hermana Mallory Dickson

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