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5th Week in Parque Patricios

Hey all! This one is going to have to be quick, but hopefully enjoyable to read through as well:)
 (huge thanks to the wonderful people in Argentina who love taking photos of my daughter and sharing them with me so I can share on her blog!)

Brenda and I

Sept 22nd: For P-day we went to Once with Brenda, which is a collection of a lot of different vendors and stores. I got my own mate´
 A Mate' Gourd

for which I'm sure those who served in Argentina will appreciate;), (I asked if she meant she drank Mate and she said "of course not, that's against the rules,"  a soccer jersey, and an Argentine ring:) I also snacked with Brenda as we walked around;) I eat a lot of rice, empanadas, and a ton of meat. Meat at every meal almost. Chicken. We have lunch with the Montiel's almost every Sunday and the Pucheta's give us dinner every night, as people around here don't really eat dinner. Lunch is the big meal, and we eat that with various families throughout the week.

At the end of our shopping ventures we each got a dress; mine is blue with red floral designs. After going about and working we had Family Home Evening with the Puchetas's, all in all one of my favorite P^day's in the mission so far:)
Pictures of Once last P-day


in Argentina

Sept 23rd: My first time going on Divisions! I was companions with Hermana Henriquez of Chacabuco for the day. We met with one member to discuss various things. She works in a Paneria, and we got free facturas, which instantly made me a big fan of the woman;) It was extremely interesting to work with someone else, especially someone who's a native spanish speaker. My MTC teachers will be pleased to know that my HSI (Habla su idioma: Speak your language) was Perfect all day;) Especially as there was no alternative.

Sept 24th: Back in my beloved Parque Patricios! I didn't realize how much I appreciated my area until I had to leave it, and was glad to be back with the members and investigators that I know and love:) We visited with Milagros again in the afternoon and once again invited her to church. Unfortunately, once again she didn't make it... I'm not sure if she truly understands why going to church is so important.

I can honestly say I didn't know just how important it was until coming out here on the mission. It truly is the backbone for a lot of our spiritual strength and something we would all do well to improve in. If not attending, then getting more out of our attendance. 

We also visited with Zulma, my only convert as of yet:) Our last encounter of the day was Alice, an 80 something year old woman. We explained a little bit about what missionaries were and she wanted to offer us money and invite us over for treats... interesting of her, but kind none the less:)

Sept 25th: I finally got to do service for someone in the ward! We did a service project for a new family of the ward, the familia Jimenez.  

 At the Torres, outside of where they did service


 Beautiful view from the window of la familia

 It poured as we were working inside taking off a very scary shade of orange paint, and I was thankful to have a roof over my head. It felt good to work hard for someone else. The chances we have to do service for the members here is scarce, as they never want us to do anything for them! We're working on changing that though, and I hope we can find and create more opportunities for service in the future. We then went to the Pucheta's to meet up with Brenda and Fatima. 

As we had two members with us, we decided to split up and go on divisions, myself with Fatima. We went over to visit Anita and Domingo. Hermana Arnsten had planned on us teaching the law of chastity... fun, no? It was so interesting being the one¨´in charge´´. We talked about how their reading in the Book of Mormon had gone and explained how to better receive revelation through it.

We also taught the law of chastity. Fatima saved me a couple times, as I've never really taught this and it's a fun one even if you have taught it multiple times. However, during the lesson I felt the spirit, and I could tell they could to. When we asked them if they would live the law of chastity Anita bore testimony of why it was important to her and how she wanted to live and that she knew it would be a great blessing for their family. I would like nothing more than to see this cute couple in the temple, married for time and all eternity.

Sept 26th: Trametes! Or, in other words, beginning the process of being legal here in Argentina. That took up most of the morning, and afterwards we went over to the Capella (church)with the Pucheta's. We taught Zulma later, and as I was talking to her about 1 Nefi 8 and Lehi's vision she pointed out that she liked my butterfly ring. I asked her if she wanted it. She protested, telling me that it was my ring and she didn't want me to be without it, but I insisted, telling her that as long as she promised to keep it safe it was hers. I really felt like her and I bonded tonight as we talked about the picture I'm going to draw for her about 1 Nephi 8. I have a great love for her and hope she remains faithful to the church for the rest of her life, as it will be such a blessing for the generations that will follow. 

Picture I drew for Zulma

Sept 27th: We headed over to the Capilla today and there  helped Zulma with her talk that she gave this Sunday and I also gave her a drawing I made her of Lehi's vision in Nephi 8. It turned out really well, better than I thought it would, and she loved it, which was what really mattered. We also visited Hermana Nelly and invited her and her family to the missionary farewell that was to take place the following day. We talked about the temple and I shared 1 Cor. 10:13, about God not giving us more than we can handle, and how he always gives us a way to overcome. One of these ways to overcome, I explained, was through going to the temple.
Missionary Farewell

Yesterday we had a delicious lunch before heading over to the missionary farewell. As I listened to the missionaries bearing their testimonies and watched the videos over Joseph's first vision and Christ's visit to the Americas I couldn't help but feel that the end of my mission is going to come so fast. I know I still have 16 some months, but how close that is already! And how much I've already changed! It's truly a miracle. On the long travel back I got to talk with Brenda. How cool to have a conversation, in another language, be understood, and to have the ability to respond! It is truly a miracle that the Lord has blessed me with.

I love this gospel and I love my Savior, and I am so excited for General Conference that is coming up this week! Do everything you can to see all of it, as I can personally testify that it can and will change your life.
Love you all so much!
Hermana Mallory Dickson:)

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