Monday, September 8, 2014

My 2nd week in Buenos Aires Argentina!

Hola mi amigos y familia! Much love! So much has happened this week that I'm not really sure where to start. My photos wouldn't upload last week so the pictures this week will make up for that.
My MTC companion and I!

 My amazing MTC teachers!
Hermano Voss aka Oscar and Javier

Hermano Humbert aka Mario
Hermana Wilson
Hermano Roberts
Last day in America, Utah Mountains

The plane ride down to Argentina

First off, I'm finally starting to adapt to life here. Certainly still working on it at times, and the food difference has just recently hit me (not a fun experience, but that's what gatorade and medicine are for), but I feel more at peace and more at home. We had our first baptism this week! A 12 year old named Zulma was baptized and confirmed on Friday. As she got baptized I felt so much peace, and I knew that what she was doing was right, and was opening the door to so much more peace and direction in her life. However, with such a powerful, good spiritual experience the devil couldn't help but have a Little fun. We were on our way to catch the colectivo, or bus, when my companion realized she didn't have the keys. We went back to the chapel but had no luck in finding them. We asked Elder Garcia, our district leader, if he had them, as he had used them to open the font, but he said he'd given them to the Young Women's leader. We now tried to call her, sent the misión leader after her on his motorcycle, ect, but to no avail. At this point, at 10, my apprehension was starting to rise. I really just wanted to go to bed. The zone leaders then came in a taxi with a big bag of keys; naturally, none of the keys were ours. We ended up sleeping on the floor in the other sisters' apartment at about 11, 11:30. I was not a happy camper. However, as uncomfortable as the experience was, I know it was simply a test, and that I'm here to bring others peace and comfort, not myself.
Last day with Hermana Johnson in front of the Casa Rosada

 The Buenos Aires Temple
I also have started to talk and share during lessons! It's hard at times, as I don't always understand what they're saying, and I get nervous, but the Little I have shared I know has been inspired and from the Lord.
One big thing that has changed is my love for the members. I've started to get to know them better, and that has made all the difference. I feel like I have family and friends down here, and that has helped to become a lot more stable. Music also helps, as well as writing in my journal. 

View from my window

The greatest experience of the week was this Saturday, the day after the baptism and then the disaster with the keys. I needed something to boost my spirits. We were at the chapel, where all the members were gathering for their monthly temple trip. Brenda was one of them, of the family that makes us food every night and have become like a second family to me out here. We'd talked before about missions, and she had said she thought she could just stay home and be a member missionary. However, she told me that she had continued to think about it and now she wasn't sure. I told her that there was something different about being a misionary called of God, and that it was a powerful experience, and one I was thankful to be experiencing, even if it was hard at times. We continued to talk, and then she left for a Little while. When she returned she told me,
I've been praying and thinking about this for a year,  and I think you've helped me come to a conclusión. I want to serve a misión. I was overjoyed for her! I felt light and peace pierce my weary and frustrated heart and soul. Father knew just what I needed: I needed to feel like people here needed ME, my thoughts, experiences, and testimony. What a great experience. I know she'll be a great missionary and couldn't be more thrilled! 

Tacos with the zone last week!

 Jungle fruit;) (looks like a large avocado to me!)
Hopefully as I get more accustomed to things my emails will be a Little bit longer and not as random. I don't use my water bottle as often as I thought I would because there is limited access to finding bathrooms during the day. 

My desk
This experience so far has certainly been the hardest of my life, but I also know, from the few glimpses I've recieved, that it will be one of the very best. Of this I have faith. I know, very strongly, that my Redeemer lives. That Christ has suffered for my sins, my weaknesses, my fears, and that he has overcome them. When I rely on him, I Access the power to shatter them once more.  Everything we have or will go through Christ has ALREADY overcome. Think about that. Truly nothing is impossible with God.
Love you all!
Don't cry for me, Argentina;)
Hermana Dickson

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