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Week 17 in the Mission!

Week 17 in the mission! The computer is being a pain... so I hope this gets to all of you alright! This week we've been working a lot with Wilfredo, one of our investigators who had a baptismal date for the 20th of December. He didn't end up getting baptized on the 20th, but we're working with him for
the 26th!

Wilfredo's dog!

 Christian and his dog Pachu
Lots of dogs in Argentina!

We also got to see the confirmations of Martina and Cami on Sunday as they received the gift of the Holy Ghost. The spirit was strong and it was clear that they had received an added protection and guide. However, let us review a little bit of this busy week shall we?
Cami and Martina

Mission home

On the 15th we spent our Pday at President's house! Needless to say, it was a blast! We were able to steal a nap on a big bed with real covers and air conditioning (I was in heaven), eat tacos homemade by our Mexican zone leader, and play ping pong:) It was like taking a little vacation back home.
On the 16th we had our District Meeting. During the meeting the zone leaders came in and said they would be giving each of us a blessing individually to help us and strengthen us in these last two weeks before the end of the year. I felt prompted to ask Elder Losa to give me mine, even though I haven't known him as long as I've known Elder Seda. As soon as he started I felt the love that my Father in Heaven has for me and couldn't help but cry. The things mentioned in the blessing were exactly what I needed to hear. I know very strongly that God knows us individually and that He cares about the things that we care about. He answered my fears and doubts in the blessing, giving my comfort as only a perfect Father can. It truly was a powerful experience. 
Lunch with la familia Lopez cada sabado (each Saturday)

After a delicious lunch with the familia Palma we visited with Hermana Lurdez, whose husband has recently passed away. We were talking with and comforting one of her daughters who is only 11 or 12 years old. She started to cry as we gave her a hug and asked her how she was. She said that this was extremely difficult for her. As I thought of how hard it would be to lose a father, or my own, I felt tears race down my cheeks. I'm not one for crying, but I couldn't help it. I truly felt a deep love and understanding for her and for her pain. I now have a better understanding of what it means to mourn with those that mourn and to comfort those that stand in need of comfort. During this time I didn't have any thoughts or worries for myself. It was all for this poor family. I know that God is going to lend them strength and that they're going to be ok. I gave the daughter the bracelet I'm now accustomed to wearing from Grandma Shana, Families Are Forever. I explained to her what it meant in Spanish and gave it to her. As a reminder that she will be with her father after this life, and that he loves her and is looking out for her, even on the other side.
The 18th was rough. We went to teach Wilfredo after lunch with Cami and her mother. We called him on the way to his house to let him know we would be stopping by to visit. He said he wasn't home. However, as we were right outside the door we decided to knock. And who did we find? Wilfredo;) We taught him, although it was difficult as he was with a girl. He had told us he didn't have a girlfriend, but we quickly realized that that wasn't the case. We tried to talk with her, but she didn't want anything to do with us. After being yelled at by her our energy was low. However, we stopped by Jhon's afterwards to visit with him and his less active brother. It was stiflingly hot, so we asked for some water. Some of it may or may not have ended up on people;) After the water fight we felt a little bit better, although it was still a rough day. 
Ward Christmas dinner

On the 19th was the Christmas Dinner as a Ward! We had lunch with Hermana Pareja and accompanied her to the church to help decorate and get everything ready. The dinner was a big success and Wilfredo came and enjoyed himself! I really felt like I was among family:) 

Park next to Parusalen :)
Jhon, Mirla, and AnnaMelina

On the 20th we spent almost the whole day with Wilfredo. He was our Third Companion;) He was supposed to be baptized at 6, but because he still hasn't been able to stop smoking we've moved it to the 26th. We talked to him for quite a while about his goals and what he wants to do, how we and the Lord can help him reach the day of his baptism. 
The Medina Family: I love them!

And yesterday was the confirmations of Cami and Martina! I have so much love for the familia Medina. They were truly a miracle, and they will always hold a special place in my heart. After church we headed over to lunch with the Familia Montiel, also family to me:)

All in all a good week! Looking forward to Christmas, for the opportunity to skype my family and participate in the activity we're going to have as a mission! Have a wonderful Christmas, remember that Christ is the center of everything we do, and that He was the first gift. What will we give Him this Christmas?

All my love!

Hermana Dickson
5 months in;) and 13 to go;) Let's get down to business!

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