Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 21 in Buenos Aires

Hola todos! I've now been on my mission for 6 months!

Photo of me taken today with the familia Pucheta


This week was spent mostly in the hospital:) Now, before stressing out, know that going to the hospital is common here. When someone has a health problem, big or small, off they go. I was experiencing ear pain, so off we went. I've also been to the dermatologist for face treatment. Throughout all of these ¨fun¨ experiences I've been quite humbled. One thing I have learned in Caballito, is that I am extremely weak. On my own I am nothing. I seem to be made up of weaknesses, doubts, and failures. And yet, somehow, in these moments of seemingly great weakness, I feel whole. I've never been so aware that I can't do it on my own. Yet I've never been so aware of the power of Christ. I'm not sure how many prayers I have offered up, talking to God about all that I lack, all that I need help with. Prayers that I never felt the need to offer up before.

Interesting face treatment

I have come to realize that every companion has a strength, something that I want to emulate and cultivate in my own life. With Hermana Johnson it was her ability to Love the investigator. Hermana Arnsten? Her courage to talk with Everyone. Hermana Pilliza: Her boldness. And I am coming to realize the unique gift and trait that my current companion, Hermana Olmedo, has to offer. Throughout all of the hospital visits and different things I have to apply for my face, my companion has been all service. She has helped me do things I can't do alone. She has helped me talk to doctors, get things straightened out, buy the medicine, and apply it. This week I have felt like a bit of a burden. We went to the doctor on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Due to all the travel and time it was hard to get in the work we wanted to. Yet, through it all she was loving and patient. It has certainly been a blessing in my life to work with this companion. 
Reflections on Parque Patricios
With Hermana Pilliza

Last meal before I was transferred (I had a hamburger)

Also had asado on my last day!  Very good food!
The only good thing about going to the hospital is that it resides in Parque Patricios. I've been blessed to see the familia Pucheta every week! It's been great to see them and spend some time with them. Brenda in particular has been wonderful, going with us to the hospital and keeping us company. Too much love! 
With the familia Pareja: Christmas


This week I have been humbled. I have seen many miracles. Some might consider them small, but they were miracles none the less to me. At one point during the week I felt weak, like I didn't have the strength necessary to do all God needed me to do. So I went into our room and prayed. As soon as we went out to work we received a referral from the offices. It was as though Father knew that we needed help. That we are searching for investigators that are going to progress and aren't having a lot of success.  
Skyping with my family at Christmas


I am thankful to be in the mission. To be in Buenos Aires Norte. To be serving in Caballito with Hermana Olmedo. Things are not easy. Far from it. But Christ is around, within, and encircling all that I do as a missionary. My task is to trust Him. To allow Him to humble me. When someone is in the process of coming unto Christ, they are shown their weakness. Where they fall short. Where they don't measure up. And Why? To be humbled. To be prepared for something Great. Something Extraordinary. Something that they cannot fully comprehend. Cannot see in its entirety. And when they are humbled, truly humbled, weak things become Strong. Weaknesses change into strengths. And we become more of who we were meant, designed, to be.

Christ lives. I know it. I am in Argentina because of it. I cannot and will not deny it. I would not give this up for anything. 

I love the view here!  The artist in me is thrilled!

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