Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 19 in Argentina and end of week 1 in Caballito!

What a fast week! It's hard to believe that I've already spent a week in my new area, Caballito. I've gotten to sleep in air conditioning (What a blessing!), got free ice cream along with referrals, made Peruvian food with my companion, and celebrated the new year! Lots to write about, and as always, not much time to do so!

The view from my new pension!

On the 30th, after Pday ended my companion, Hermana Olmedo, and I went to visit a member named Cristian who works at an ice cream shop. When we arrived we found a referral he had for us sitting patiently in a chair. Talk about unreal! We talked to him and invited him to come to church and to learn more. On our way out the door Cristian treated us to free ice cream! We were then on our way, looking for old investigators and less actives. Right now we're in finding mode, which means a lot of faith and a lot of walking;) After getting in the pension and planning I got to go to sleep in an air-conditioned room for the first time in Argentina. What a beautiful blessing! 
My new companion and I
Hermana Olmeda Martinez from El Salvador

On the 31st we were greeted by a storm of rain and wind! We bundled up and went to visit an investigator named Jorge first. He had shown interest and was reading the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets. I didn't know him; from the start it was clear that he was a great guy, but that he wasn't willing to change and give up certain things to be a member. We made sure he knew he was invited to church, but knew we weren't doing to focus on him anymore. Our time as missionaries is precious, and we truly only have time to work with those who truly want to progress and take the steps necessary to follow their Savior. We picked up lunch afterwards and ate it in the pension. After eating I had some time to write in my journal, which I desperately needed to do after so much change! Later Oscar accompanied us. We stopped by Cristian's ice cream place again, as he had yet Another referral for us! From there we took the train to get to a different part of our area. Our area is so large that we can take a train and Still be within our limits! Talk about insane. At the end of the day to celebrate the new year we made Peruvian food at Oscar's house. It was really good and I felt like I was among family, even though I'm brand new and don't knew them very well yet. We hustled to get back to the pension on time, because with all the festivities we're been asked to be in the pension by 8:30 for safety. I was fast asleep as soon as 10:30 rolled around;)
Amazing Peruvian food made by my companion!

The new year! On the 1st we had lunch with the familia Waker. They're a ton of fun! The food was delicious, turkey with a sweet sauce and potato fries. We had fruit salad for dessert and icecream, an interesting but yummy combination;) We met up with Ausi, our member, afterwards. Ausi is a ton of fun and reminds me a lot of my aunt Tanya:) With her we visited the familia Mino, less actives. It was a little hot in their house and I found a little hard not to fall asleep`. It was quite the battle. However, after visiting with her she presented us her neighbor and we had the chance to share the gospel with her and invite her to church:) We then visited Carla, another less active, and talked with her father, who's not a member but has investigated the church quite a bit.A busy and fun day:)
P-day Pizza

On the 2nd we blasted the weekly goal for lessons with a member present out of the water! We met up with Oscar after lunch and found Ariana, a less active. While in her house we had the chance to contact quite a few people who weren't members and invite them to come to church. Ariana herself seemed very excited at the prospect of coming to church with us. I feel like like house definitely has potential and that we could find someone ready to progress and accept the gospel! After such success it seemed necessary to celebrate with Grido ice cream, courtesy of Oscar;) At the end of the day we visited the familia Nevares, a couple who have been married for 70 years! Impressive!

On the 3rd we were up EARLY for our zone meeting in Belgrano, about an hour away from where we are. It looks like it'll be a great zone and I'm looking forward to working with and learning from the Elders and Sisters. After the zone meeting we bought some food and cooked up some Lobo Saltero (spelling), a delicious Peruvian dish. Later in the afternoon we met up with Ausi once more. We covered a ton of ground, but NO ONE was out on the streets, making it a little difficult to talk to people... However, we did find a couple less active members and were able to teach them and invite them back to church:) 

Yesterday we had church at 2 in the afternoon until 5! Talk about an interesting schedule! The members of Caballito are very nice and I'm looking forward to working with them and getting to know them better:)

Today in the morning we headed to Parque Patricios because I had the money for the pension still... a mistake on my part. However, due to this I got to say hi to Hermana Pilliza and the familia Pucheta! It was so great to see them! 
Wonderful people of Parque Patricios

Things are going really well. My companion is a lot of fun. She's from El Salvador, cooks excellently;), and reminds me a lot of Alanna. She has a lot of positive energy and is ready and willing to get to work. I love you all a ton and wish you all the best in this new year! Make it count:)
Hermana Dickson

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