Monday, November 2, 2015

Seeing the Miracles in Palermo, after the trial of your faith. Week 8

Her guys! This letter will be quick but full of awesome things! Therefore you should READ it! Yep, that's right, actually take the time to read this awesome letter! Ha;)

 Tour of Buenos Aires for P-day today, lots of pictures!

Anyway, this week I wanted to focus on the progress of the recent converts here in Palermo, and in the miracle we received at the end of the week, after working our tails off, going to the doctor, going to the police, going practically to Porta Madero etc! 

Anderson: Gave us referrals and accompanied us!

Daiana: She's already halfway done with Mosiah! Also sharing the gospel with all of her friends and going to accompany us.

Carlitos: half paralyzed, he is reading the Book of Mormon every day and read out loud with us! We also decorated his room with pictures of Christ which he loved:)

Zuleika and Lautaro: Upon giving each of them a couple pass along cards and asking them who we could invite they left the house and started inviting the entire street! The primary was FULL of little friends the next day!  


Funny comments of the week;)

"It's cuz I'm short and stout!" 

"But hamburgers don't have babies!" (Don't ask...)

"It's cuz I'm brown!"

"It touched the butt!" (Yes, this is a Nemo reference;)

After a long week of searching and not finding investigators, Ayelen, a member who's preparing to serve a mission, accompanied us. We were in the middle of our daily plans when she turned to me and said that she felt that we needed to visit Hermana Saverry. I didn't think much of it at first, as Hermana Saverry is an active sister in the church. I didn't see how visiting her would help us find people to bring to church the following day. I short of shrugged the suggestion off until she told me again that she felt we needed to visit Hermana Saverry immediately. The second time I couldn't deny that the spirit was working with us, and we went immediately to Hermana Saverry. 
Upon entering we found ourselves visiting with the hermana and her husband. We were having a good conversation regarding the Book of Mormon when Hermana Saverry's daughter entered the room with her friend Delia. I didn't think anything of it, and certainly didn't recognize this as our great miracle of the week. As Delia started talking and sharing that she was going through a hard time as her son had died just 3 months before I felt prompted to tell her that her son was alright and promise her that she Would see him again. We then started teaching her a little about the church. My companion gifted her a Book of Mormon and gave her the direction to church, to which she said she would love to go! When Hermana Saverry bore her testimony regarding the church and the Book of Mormon Delia started to cry as the spirit bore testimony to her that what we were all sharing is what she had been looking for for 3 months. Man did we leave pumped! And all for follow the prompting of Ayelen. If we hadn't listened to such a simple prompting we wouldn't have received the miracle that God had waiting for us. 
Mallory wishing her dad Happy Birthday!


The next day, Sunday, Delia came to church! After the meetings we went up to her and I told my comp to set the baptismal date with her. Hermana Cuevas did an excellent job and Delia accepted a date for the 15th of November! VAMOS! 

It IS worth it to follow the small promptings we receive. To trust in the spirit. And more than anything, to have FAITH. 

Hermana Dickson

ALSO... a challenge for those who want to take this on! We had the chance as a mission to meet with President Gonzalez of the seventy this week. He taught us about the importance of increasing our faith and talked a lot about the importance of the Book of Mormon in this goal. I personally, after hearing him speak, set the goal to read and finish the Book of Mormon focusing on the faith before going home. I'm going to read the Book of Mormon in 48 days, what I had left 2 or 3 days earlier! The challenge: Those who can or want to, read it with me, looking for the faith! 


Write me with your comments on what YOU find on faith. 

Love you all!

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