Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 13 in Palermo: Only 11 days left!

Doesn't that title blow everyone's mind? I remember when that would have said, 11 months to go, or 11 transfers to go, or 11 companions to go. But here we are! Closing in on the end of a WONDERFUL mission in the BEST mission worldwide. What a huge blessing to be able to serve in Argentina, to develop friendships that I will cherish forever, and to learn so much about my Savior. At the end of the week on Sunday we had the chance to go with Luis, our investigator, to see the Christmas Devotional again, this time in Caballito! How crazy to be in my old area! As we were watching the presentation I was touched by the spirit once more. One of the images shown on the screen was of Christ with a little kid. I couldn't help but think of the little kid as each one of us when compared to the Savior. We don't really have any idea what we're doing, but regardless He allows us the chance to try and fail, and try once more, so that we too can progress. It was quite the change of perspective.

 At the farewell

Much of my mission family (current & former companions)

 Many of my beloved Argentinians, some of my pictures were blurry so please email me if you took photos too!

More than anything this week I was touched by a story my zone leader shared. He had served in Congreso before, my old zone, and although I hadn't met him had heard about just how great of a missionary he'd been and how much success he'd had. While in the Zone meeting on Saturday he shared that even though he'd been very successful in the area, that he'd never been satisfied with what he had or with what he was accomplishing and always wanted more. Because of such he was never truly happy. He shared that he didn't really realize that he wasn't happy until he was leaving the area. Shortly upon leaving the area and entering the Boca as one of the new zone leaders he got chicken pox and was out for a good 2 or 3 weeks. He said that through it all he had learned an valuable lesson: "Tengo que disfrutar lo que ya tengo". aka "I have to enjoy what I already have." This really struck me, because with my ear surgery and recovery I haven't been able to do nearly as much as I'd like to. At times I get frustrated, and it really touched me when this elder shared his experience. 
Hard to say good-bye to all my beloved people!

I've learned during the last couple weeks of my mission that it really doesn't have anything to do with us or the great things We accomplish. We don't do anything in the mission. The most I've done is allow the spirit to work through me. Every baptism is His baptism. Every reactivated member is His. I've received far more than I've given when it comes to the last year and a half. The Lord has been extremely patient with me, and has given me every trial I needed to grow and to extend my potential as a missionary and as a daughter of God. To all those who sometimes feel a little frustrated with the lot or little they're accomplishing, keep in mind what I learned this week from my wise zone leader.

Gift from my dear "hija" from Peru: Hermana B

Gift from Emanuel

"I've GOT to enjoy what I've ALREADY got"
Hermana Dickson

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