Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Personal Revelation: Week 12 in Palermo

Hey guys! This week was so full of the spirit that I don't even know where to start! I don't have a ton of time, so this will be a pretty short update, but bear with me. I've only got 2 more Pdays after this so I have to make each one count!

Today we went to San Fernando for the transfers, even though my companion and I are staying together in Palermo, so that I could get some more people to sign my Argentine flag and drop off some stuff. We then went to have lunch with Fanny and Fanny from San Fernando! They're actually in Pacheco now. It was so wonderful to see them! We had a delicious lunch and we were then introduced to the Elder who had baptized Fanny:) We didn't get back into our area until 5, so we only have an hour to read everything and respond today!

That being said, this week on Wednesday a miracle occurred. My companion and I had an appointment with Karina, an old investigator that I had met with Hermana Muro. She had been very close to getting baptized, but then a couple things had come up and we'd lost contact. On Wednesday I actually wasn't feeling too well, as I still have headaches and a little ear pain from my surgery (it'll probably be like that until the little cut in my ear scars up. Hearing great though!) Anyhow, I didn't think we were going to end up making it to the appointment, but felt VERY strongly that we needed to go. We didn't have a member to accompany us, and I also felt that that would be very important. We called several, but no one was going to be available! I then felt like we needed to call Kathy Campos and ask her. We called several times and she didn't answer. I, however, wasn't willing to shrug away the feeling I had, so we called once more, and this time she answered and said that we could come over and teach Karina in her house:) Whoo!

We headed over, walking instead of taking the subway (blessing!). We got there just on time. I was so excited to see Karina again as I had really enjoyed getting to know her when we had met the first time.  When Karina showed up she said she had some announcements to make. Many things had changed in her life since we last met.  Not only that, but her mom, who is very Catholic, supported her decision to join the church. I was dumbfounded!! My comp looked at me and was thinking, "Wow, this lady is golden!"  However, before I could even open my mouth I heard her asking us when she could get baptized. We told her that Sunday, to which she enthusiastically agreed! We set the date and she accepted!! She had her interview with the district leader the next day. Everything was going good until Elder Kelly told us that Karina had mixed up her work schedule and had to work every Sunday, which will keep her from getting baptized right now.

HOWEVER; I know that the Lord was in this, that He is getting her ready, and that every trial my companion and I have had this last month has led up to a miracle like this. Karina is a Wonderful person, and I am so excited for the great things that will happen in her future!  We fasted for her this Sunday and both feel very strongly that God is preparing her for her baptism. Please keep her in your prayers! I also had my farewell in San Fernando and got to see SO many people that I just LOVE! Thanks to all of you! You're truly my family and I will Never forget you.

At the farewell in San Fernando ( Les amo Rosana y Mario: mi familia)

It was an amazing week, and also jammed with personal revelation, both for me and for my companion. I love her to death and am so glad to be staying with her until the end of my mission! 16 days or so left, VAMOS!!!
Hermana Dickson

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