Monday, February 2, 2015

5th week in Caballito

Here we go Week 23! Yeaaah buddy;)

This week has truly been full of miracles! We have been blessed in so many ways. I have been blessed in so many ways: with a wonderful comp, people ready and willing to hear the gospel, and health. 
(I had the opportunity on P-day to visit La Chacarita Cemetery.  It is also known as the National Cemetery and is the largest in Argentina.  It was created during the yellow fever epidemic of 1871 when other cemeteries were beyond capacity and the upscale Recoleta Cemetery refused to allow burial of the victims of the epidemic.)  

My companion looking at the Spanish-Argentine Mutual Society Pantheon.

I'm that little person in the middle of the street!

Like all the fotos above, another view of the cemetery.

Best part of the week: 
Let me introduce you to Macarena and Guillermina. 14 and 11 years old, they will be getting baptized this Saturday and confirmed this Sunday, the last Sunday my comp has left in the mission. What a blessing being able to baptize at the close of the mission! The two of them are extremely ready to take this step. As we have taught them they have truly astounded us with all that they Already know. Macarena in particular has a powerful testimony. We asked her how her reading had gone in the Restoration pamphlet. We expected the typical,"Oh, well, I read part of it, and it was good, not that I remember anything. But yeah, I read!" Instead, she proceeded to teach Us the first discussion! She did the same with the Plan of Salvation! Seeing the enthusiasm she has for the gospel has truly made all that time in the hospital, all that time without electricity, Well worth it. The Lord has seen our afflictions, our trials and hardships. And He is now Pouring blessings down on our heads! 

Our relationships with the ward are improving, members are inviting their friends, and we are receiving referrals from the church office. 
I'll have to write more next week, as today is my companion's last Pday and we have a busy day planned!
Ausi and my companion
Love you all:) 
Trust in the Lord. Trust in the patience He has for you. Allow Him to trust you to be patient with the rest of his children.
Hermana Dickson

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