Monday, February 23, 2015

8th week in Caballito

Let's get this party started! Or this week I should say;)

Hermana Dickson and Guillermina

17th of Feb: We had an amazing lesson with Emmanuel (Not Manuel). The bishop accompanied us, as well as the two sisters of his wife. We were teaching him about the Restoration of the gospel, of the church of Jesus Christ. The spirit was strong, but was nothing in comparison to the spirit present after each of us one by one shared our testimony regarding the Book of Mormon. The spirit's presence grew stronger and more and more heightened as one testimony after another was shared. Each was special, and each added to the beauty of the lesson, but the testimony that meant the most was that of Hermana Machado, Emmanuel's wife. As she shared her testimony of the Book of Mormon he couldn't give her enough attention. The love he showed in his eyes and his posture was so evident, so easy to see. He clung to every word as though it would be the last time he ever saw her again. The key to Emmanuel's conversion will be through the strength and testimony of his wife. That is what draws him in and captures his attention. The hope that he can be with his wife forever, not only during this brief mortal duration. It made an impact on me and my companion, and was a lesson I will not forget. 

18th of Feb: We had a district meeting:) It actually went quite well and I enjoyed it. After everything wrapped up and it was time to go home I asked Elder Johnson, my district leader, for a blessing of health, as I hadn't been feeling good the majority of the week. He asked me which language I would prefer... that's when you know your life has changed dramatically. I told him he could give it in either language, but I ended up asking for the blessing in English, just to mix things up. I don't remember all of what was said, but as with any other blessing I instantly felt the love and the concern my Father in Heaven has for me. Elder Johnson said that God was grateful for the work I was doing, and that he was proud of me, things I needed to hear. I know that I am doing well out here in the mission, and I am doing my best to serve others and follow the Lord, but there are times when I feel like I could be doing so much more, that Father expects more from me. To hear that he was pleased with me really changed the entire week for me and my outlook on the things I was doing, or trying to do. 

A street in Caballito

19th of Feb: Macarena accompanied us! It was her first time and she did a wonderful job! I think she thought my companion and I were crazy, because we were saying hi to everyone on the street. Every time we would do so she would get nervous and look at us with large, questioning eyes full of fear. I completely understand, as I probably looked at my first companion in such a way for the first couple months of the mission. With her help and enthusiasm we ended up teaching a lot of lessons and found some new people to teach! My companion and I were in high spirits, spirits that were only heightened as we had dinner with the Machado's and then began to teach the Plan of Salvation. We had just finished explaining the fall of Adam and Eve when we looked at the clock and saw that it was past time to go. As we told him we'd have to come back to finish teaching the lesson another day he looked at us and said, ¨You guys have to go Now?? Can you come back tomorrow?¨My companion and I just about keeled over... that is not the usual reaction one receives from an investigator! We assured him we'd be back as soon as he had time and ran out the door! 

20 of Feb: We went to the doctor to put strange stuff on my face, as seems to be a weekly ritual for me:)....... However, on our way over as we were walking a couple blocks to the doctor's office we ran into a woman from Utah. She greeted us as sisters, which was weird after hearing only Hermana for months... Once in the office, as I finished my treatment the woman helping me asked where I was from. I explained that I was from the states, to which she started talking to us in English! The funny thing about the people here is that they think they can speak very well... she kept asking us if we wanted to use the toilet, and that if we didn't want to have to wait there were two toilets downstairs. My companion and I just about died... But you know, these things happen. 

21st of Feb: We had Samantha accompany us:) It was actually a great experience, as she got to meet Bernarda and well as see the Bertoia family, who live a couple blocks away from her. I could tell that Samantha took a lot from the two little lessons, and I was glad we were able to help all of them connect. We then went to a Family Home Evening a the bishop's house with Macarena, Guillermina, and Lucila. We learned about keeping the commandments, and about the freedom we receive by doing so. Then we had pizza;)
A building in Caballito

22nd of Feb: On Sunday we were finally in our own chapel, the one a block away from our apartment! After some great church meetings we had lunch with the Machado's and were able to finish teaching The Plan of Salvation. Emmanuel was very attentive, and took everything in well, but as we reached the end of the lesson and asked him how he felt about his baptismal date of the first of March he said he still had his initial doubt: that this church was the only true church. We explained to him that the only way for him to know if the church was true was to read the Book of Mormon and ask God if the book was true. He said that he had yet to do so, even though we had invited him to do just that earlier in the week. We asked him how he felt, and he said he felt as though he needed to read the book to know for himself. My companion and I are praying and fasting that he will do just that, because try as we might we cannot and will not give him a testimony that these things are true. His wife cannot give him a testimony. The bishop can't either. But HE can. God can and Will give us answers, if we are willing to receive and ACT on the promptings given. Of this I am CERTAIN. I don't have any doubts. We finished off the day by having the most American dinner ever. It was wonderful, the family was wonderful, and we ended off the week very well. 

So, here is the homework for all of you lovely people this week! Ready? Great:) Read this and send me a message telling me what you think!

>>>>>>>>>> THIS: The Quest for Spiritual Knowledge 

Love you all!
Hermana Dickson

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