Tuesday, February 10, 2015

6th Week in Caballito

Two Baptisms and a New Companion.
This week has literally Flown by! I don't know where the time has gone! Here I find myself at the beginning of week 1 again, this time as the companion leading Caballito. A little frightening! This last week Hermana Olmedo and I worked hard to teach Macarena and Guillermina, our investigators of 14 and 11 years, all of the lessons in order to be ready for their baptisms on Saturday. We visited them about every day for thirty minutes or so and visited with their mother as well, a less active. 
(I had the opportunity to see some friends from PP at the mission farewell
for the missionaries who had completed their missions.)
La familia Pucheta
On Monday, my companion and I had several appointments. As our last P-day together progressed one by one our plans fell through. By the time 6 rolled around we found ourselves without a plan!  Never something a missionary likes going through. However, we decided to stop by and see how Guillermina and Macarena were doing. We stopped by and found the house in a state of conflict. The two girls had just been on the phone with their aunt, who apparently was very against the idea of the two of them becoming members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The two girls were in a state of anxiety and worry, fearing that the family would treat them differently or act coldly towards them if they took this step. 
Picture I promised Hma. Arntsen if I ever saw it!
Hermana Olmedo and I bore our testimonies that the two girls were making the right decision, and that the adversary, or Satan, didn't want them to take such a big step forward. That things were going to be hard during the week, but that it was worth it. I felt prompted to share 1 Nephi 8 with the two of them, the story of Nephi and the tree of life. I talked about the people who clung to the iron rod, who stayed by the tree even after being mocked by those in the great and spacious building, or those of the world. My companion later shared her testimony of her own baptism, how her father had been against it but how she and her sister had decided to take the step anyway, relying on the Lord. It was very powerful.
 Hma. Olmeda with the Nevares family
 I don't have any doubt that our plans fell through on Monday so that we could have that talk with Guill and Mac. Throughout the week we visited with the girls, preparing them for their baptism. On Saturday, at 7:30 in the evening, the two of them were baptized by the bishop. We had quite the turnout! I was privileged to give the talk on baptism. It's funny, before when I had to give a talk in front of a group of people I took the time to write out exactly what I wanted to say and was a little nervous. Now I bring my scriptures up with me and I'm set. It turned out wonderfully, if not simple and concise. And in Spanish at that! Giving talks in English is going to be a breeze;) That is, if I remember the language.... On Sunday the two girls were confirmed, making them members of the church:) I was beyond thrilled for them, and know that they will always be a very special part of my life. 
The Wonderful Baptism and all those in attendance

The Bishop got to baptize the girls.

My companion and Guillermina.

Today I said goodbye to Hermana Olmedo. Man am I going to miss her. She was more than just a companion. She was a sister to me. 
Celebrating Hermana Olmeda's 18 months as a missionary :)!


My new companion is Hermana Weitl from Anacortes, Washington. She has been serving for 11 months.  She joined the church a few years ago.  I'll have to let you all know how things go next week;)

Love you all!
Hermana Dickson 

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