Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 12 in San Fernando: Lots of goodbyes and I'm training again!

Summary: Birthday Surprises, Leo's answer, Fermina's baptism, and saying goodbye to everyone and their dog! Oh, and I'm a "mom" again;)

It's been great!


Bowling round 2: last P-day


That great P-day in Tigre


 Wow! I have a ton to write about this week! Where to even start? Unfortunately I left my agenda in the pension.... so we're going to go off my memory and hope that it all works out! For those of you who know me you're probably pretty worried right about now, as my memory is terrible, pero bueno! 


Feeling the birthday love!

This dog followed me around the whole day on  my birthday!

Happy Birthday from Jorge Luis:

First off, a big thanks to everyone who participated in making my 20th birthday the best yet! A huge shout out to Jorge Luis, the Velazquez family, my companion Hermana Riquelme, Genesis Mansilla and her brother Matias, as well as all those from my home ward who wished me happy birthday! At the end of the day we headed over to the church to help with the ward family home evening. As we were entering the gym area to do the games the lights go off and everyone's singing happy birthday as a cake comes my way with a huge sparkler in the middle! Man, it was fantastic! I really felt like I was with my family. At 9 we had to rush home, our arms full of all sorts of birthday things! One of my boots was killing me, so my companion took it and I went walking back to the pension with one boot;) What a blast!

We went to visit Leo Saturday night and were talking with him about how to gain a testimony. He had been praying to receive his own testimony that the church was true and that the Book of Mormon was true, but hadn't felt anything. I hadn't been sure what to do to help, but as we were talking with him I felt prompted to invite him to read the Book of Mormon before praying to know if these things were true. When we talked to him the next day he told us that he had read 1 Nephi 2 and had actually prayed three times, just to make sure it "worked". He told us that he had received his own answer and that he knew the church was true. Leo will be receiving the priesthood this upcoming Sunday!! Fermina was also baptized this Sunday. What an amazing experience! 
Fermina's baptism

On Sunday was the big missionary farewell. Man, I feel like I know everyone who's heading back to their houses and it's terrible! I am going to miss these Elders! Shout out to Elder Fabila, Elder Periera, Elder Stout, Elder Miles, Elder Zollinger, and Elder Roberts! I am going to miss these guys! Each one of them has made an impact on my mission and it's going to be hard without them! 
I got to see Rosana at the Farewell:)
Some signs we made for the elders going home!

Last note of business, I will be training my third hija this transfer. That's right, 3 time mom!! Not only that, but my temporary companion for today is none other than Hermana JOHNSON, my MTC companion! Awesome! I will sure miss Hermana Riquelme.  Here is some great food we made:

Torta Frita

Empanadas from Scratch!

Love you guys! I'll be sure to update next week regarding my new hija:) 
Hint: she is from South America.  Another surprise:
Hermana Riquelme turned my hair back to it's natural color, a better picture of the results will be shown next week! Remember we are heading into Winter down here, thus the scarfs and heavy coats.  (Probably her coldest June birthday ever!)

Con Amor,
Hermana Dickson

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