Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 13 in San Fernando: I have a new "hija"!

Hey guys! Let me introduce you to my third hija in the grand mission field:) Her name is Hermana Bekaouche and she's from Lima, Peru. She's the only member of her family and has been a member for 2 years, 3 months. She's amazing! She's only been on her mission since the 4th of June but is already such a great teacher and missionary. She's cooks extremely well (bonus on my part;) and is a lot of fun to be around:) She really loves the people from the moment she meets them, and does everything in her power to help them and serve them. She been a joy to work with and I know that with her drive we're going to see baptisms this transfer! :) 
My hair is dark again!

Now, onto the week shall we?? 
On Tuesday, the 16th of June, I hit 11 months in the mission. The end is nigh, and it's awful! Even with 7(6 and a half) months to go in the mission I have people sending me comments like this! "You're running out of time in Argentina so make it count! I'm so very proud of you!" (Love you Reed;) Unfortunately he's right (don't tell him), and I'm trying to make every day count! More and more I find myself loving the people at an even deeper level. Find myself giving more and more of myself over to the work, to the people, to my Savior. What a beautiful 11 months it has been, and what an amazing 7 months left to enjoy and explode! 
Vamos con todo! 
 Hermana Riquelme, Hermana Ayre, and I 

After hanging out with Hermana Johnson during the day (a true blast!) we headed over to the mission home to meet our new companions, aka hijas:) We went in through the back door and gathered in a room with the Elders who would also be training new missionaries. We were armed with hymn books and told to march out in a line, singing "Called to Serve" in Spanish. Man did it take me back to my first day in the field! By some cruel twist of fate and Elder-ly gentlemanness I was put in the front of the line, and off we went, singing loudly as we entered the living room where our future companions were. They looked at us like deer in the headlights. The two hermanas instantly looked over at Hermana Johnson and I, knowing that we would be their future "moms". I felt pretty nervous as Elder Lines started matching up companions with their trainers. However, as he called out Hermana Bekaouche and I went up to give her a hug I felt nothing but love for her. She's pretty short, maybe 4 foot 11, but as I got to know her a little bit I came to realize that she's truly a spiritual giant! The only member in her family, she left her mom practically alone in Peru to come out and serve a mission. 

After meeting our new companions we wasted no time in getting to our area and getting down to business! We visited with Fermina, Leo, and Yamila, and I learned very quickly that my hija already knows a ton! It was great getting to see her in action, teaching and loving these people like she'd been in the mission for months! Father always blesses me with such amazing hijas. 

We had a really great week, learning together, enjoying Peruvian food (whoo!), and getting to really see two miracles on Sunday. First off, Fermina was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. What a beautiful moment, to see this woman taking the first step in following her Savior. Right afterwards the bishop asked Leo to take a stand, in which he was sustained as someone eligible to receive the priesthood. I felt so unbelievably proud of him as he took this step! When talking to him later I could see the joy and happiness in his countenance, and it just filled me up. What a perfect, powerful work this is! That someone can completely change the course of their eternity in three short weeks, enter the waters of baptism, and be confirmed as a member of the church of Christ himself. That these wonderful members can then enter the temple like Lilian, receive the priesthood like Leo, pass the sacrament like Emanuel, and many more amazing and important steps.

Family, friends, and anyone else that's reading this email or blog post,

 this work is of God.

I know it with everything I've got. For this reason I'm living it in Argentina. For this reason people are coming unto Christ and changing their lives for the better, for the very best.

So this week I'd like to invite each of you, like I invited Leo, to read the Book of Mormon and then ask God if it is true. And, like Leo, you may have to pray two or three times to receive an answer. Like Leo, it might take a couple days. But, like Leo, you WILL receive an answer. Of this I have No doubt. 

Let me know how it goes:)
Love you all,
Hermana Dickson

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