Monday, July 20, 2015

Hitting a YEAR, going to the temple, and other awesome stuff;)

Hey guys! This week I hit a year in the mission. It's official now, I'm old! I still remember quite clearly when I walked into the MTC and they put a name tag on my chest and handed me a ton of books. Now here I am, training my third "hija", leading my area, and running out of time with 6 months to go! It blows my mind... We're gotten to the point where celebrating another month gone isn't so pleasant and joyous as it was for the first 9 months or so. But that's life for you!

Sooooo, this week consisted of inviting everyone and their dog on Monday, going on divisiones with Hermana Carter on Wednesday and having LCP, or, lecciones con perro (lessons with dog), turning a year old on Thursday, getting up at the crack of dawn to go to the temple (the best moment of the week easily), having a surprise dinner with the Galarza family on Saturday, and seeing miracles at church on Sunday

Monday: Hermana Paz accompanied us:) She's absolutely fantastic and invites literally everyone to hear our message and go to church. I wouldn't put her past her to invite even the dogs, especially given that there are almost more dogs than people here... But anyway, as we were visiting our plans we stopped by a certain house to see if a woman named Nora was home. We had taken the name from a list of old investigators. We rang the doorbell. A woman answered, and I asked her if Nora was around. She responded, confused, that she was Nora. We asked her if she had talked to missionaries before. She told us that she hadn't, which was extremely interesting, given that we had her name. We had the chance to share the Restoration with her and invite her to come to church. I know without a shadow of a doubt that it wasn't coincidence, and that for some reason we had to talk with Nora. It's amazing where the spirit takes you, when you take the time to listen.

Tuesday: Nothing of note occurred, as I can't remember what happened:)

Wednesday: Divisions with Hermana Carter! It was a lot of fun to get to know her better and work with her. We spent the morning looking for less active members and old investigators. No one was home. Instead of getting frustrated that we had literally worked through everything I had planned, I went to one of our lists and picked a name that was close by. Off we went. We rang the doorbell and waited. When no one answered we rang it again. We were about to leave when someone answered the door. It was none other than the brother of the person we were looking for! Gaston turned out to be very receptive and I was able to teach him the Restoration. The spirit was present as we did so. It was so wonderful to finally find someone new to teach after searching for so long! Last that night when we called Jorge Luis to see if he could accompany us the next day he mentioned how we had talked with Gaston. We obviously asked him how He knew that. He later told us that they were good friends and that Jorge Luis had passed by later in the evening and had read with him and that Gaston was really ready to learn more. What a miracle! 

Thursday: One year....
Buenos Aires Temple

Enthusiastic missionaries!

Mallory's artistic photo taking skills ;)


Friday: Temple! Man was I thrilled! The last time I got to go to the temple was 9 months earlier, when I was the "daughter". Now here I was, going to the temple with my own "daughter"! We got up at 4 in the morning to be able to go. I was not fazed. Off we went, in the cold, taking three buses to get there. But get there we did. The peace that radiates from the temple is beyond description. As soon as I entered I was overwhelmed by just how right it felt to be back "home" after 9 months. When I thought of how quickly the 9 months had passed since I'd last been in the temple I almost cried. It has gone by So fast... However, 6 wonderful months left to enjoy:) 

Saturday: We got to visit with Silvia and Franz:) We taught them about the atonement. My companion stressed the importance of forgiveness. We're doing everything we can to help the two of them get married! Still, a wonderful family that I love working with.

Sunday: This is the part where we see who gets themselves to church! Leo was sick, as well as Carmen. As 9 rolled around no one we were waiting for was present. However, as the opening song was ending who walks in but Jorge Luis and Gaston in suit and tie! It blew me away. He stayed for all of the meetings, and when we talked to him later he expressed to us his desire to learn more and that he wanted to be baptized! Miracles do happen! 
My current companion from Peru


I know that God SEES the effort we put in. He'll bless us in His timing. Trust Him enough to Wait if required, and to act when He directs.
Love you all!

Hermana Dickson

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