Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 15 in San Fernando: Return of the Book of Mormon ;)

So, you guys will never guess what happened this week! On the last day of June my companion and I received a call from our zone leaders, telling us that as a mission we would be reading the Book of Mormon in 24 days, meaning that we will be reading the entire book, or all 642 pages in Spanish, covering 26 pages every day! Man, when I heard that I was so incredibly pumped!! I found it very fitting, given that this last week I'd talked so much about the Book of Mormon and its importance in my letter to you guys:) So here we are! Only 6 or so days into the project and already more than 150 pages in! It is such a miraculous experience. Read this book!

As for the rundown of the week, we're going to have to go quick, as as a zone we're going to the Boca today! I'm super pumped, but it will cut down on our time, so, quickly, here was the week!

The Pope and I

La Boca



The biggest moment was finally meeting Silvia and her family. Silvia is a referral of Rita Mansilla, a member. She had been telling me during all of my time here in this area that she had a friend named Silvia that we needed to meet. However, three months and 2 companions had passed by and still nothing. However, this Friday we finally were able to contact her with Rita! We went as a surprise, so that Silvia couldn't tell us she was too busy. She was there! Man, it was an amazing experience to finally meet her! She told us that almost everyone in her family is already an active member, and that for many years she hadn't wanted anything to do with the religion. However, starting last year her and her husband had been searching for the church. The two of them are from Bolivia, and didn't know where the church was here. As we taught her the Restoration of the gospel the spirit was so strong! There were tears in her eyes as we taught her the Plan of Salvation the next day. We also were able to meet her husband, who is actually a member of 12 years but not active. It is so wonderful to get to meet such a wonderful family! My comp and I already feel very at home in their house and with them, and we're working with them to help them set a goal for getting married so Silvia can get baptized. This is an awesome family!

Pizza with the zone!

I love all of you and promise to write more next week, as well as send more photos of the Boca! 
Hermana Dickson

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