Monday, August 10, 2015

An angel helps us get on the bus (and off of it), I pack up a house, my new companion, and directing traffic: saving lives;)

This week has consisted of a lot of little miracles and happenings:) Allow me to share them with you;)
 Being in a trio

with the hija

1. An angel helps us get on the bus (and off it):
On Wednesday we had our zone meeting. Before, as Tigre Zone all meetings were held in the church in San Fernando, 10 minutes away walking. However, as part of the Litoral Zone we were told to go to the chapel in Pacheco. I had never been, and felt completely lost as we headed out that morning, searching for bus 365. We asked a man in the street, who gave us directions. After walking about 5 blocks without finding the bus stop I asked a lady in the street if we were heading in the right direction. She said we needed to go back down the street five blocks, right where we had been before! Feeling even more lost, off we went, back where we had come from. On the way I asked yet another woman if we were going the right way. She told us that all of the directions we had received were incorrect and that we needed to take the train to Carupa and then take the bus from there. As we had nothing to lose, off we went, taking the train over. Once there one of my companions asked a man where the bus stop for 365 was. He told us we could take 721 or 720 to get to Pacheco and that it would be the same. Unconvinced, especially after so many incorrect directions, I walked a little bit further, only to find the bus stop we had been looking for, 365. Very happy and much less lost, we waited with a woman. I asked her if this bus would take us to Pacheco. She said yes and asked us where we would be going. I told her we were looking for the church and that it was on Salta street. She took the time to look it up on her phone and show us where we needed to get off the bus and what streets we needed to take to make it. When the bus showed up we all boarded, the woman sitting right behind me. As we got close the woman asked the driver if this was where we needed to get off. During the entire ride she had tracted where we were traveling on her phone to be able to help us get to the church. When it was time for us to get off she motioned for us and helped us get off the bus at the right time in the right place. Truly an angel sent from Father to guide us. 

2. I pack up the house:
On Friday we helped Estephany pack up with her mother. It felt great to serve them and do something with my hands. Packing up the belongings, pots and pans, clothes and toys, I was able to focus on someone else. Their problems. Their life. To forget about my own for a blessed hour or two. It was truly a blessing to be able to help them. 

3: My new companion
On Saturday I went on divisiones with Jaynee, one of the members of the ward, while my companions went to teach Silvia. I had planned to contact the referral we had. As it was located in San Isido, a new part of our now much larger area, we took the train. It felt so good to leave San Fernando, where I've been working for the last 5 months, and seeing something new. Together we contacted the referral. He actually wasn't around, but a kind woman opened the door and invited us to come back when she had more time on Tuesday. We'll have to see what happens! 

4: Directing Traffic: Saving Lives: 
Yesterday it poured rain like no other! At one point we were waiting for a member to meet up with us. We were waiting in the train station of San Fernando. The lever that goes down to block traffic when the train is coming was broken, so a lot of cars were waiting, unsure of what to do, as they couldn't tell if the train was coming. My companion suggested that I direct them. I was pretty sure she was joking, but decided to take her up on the offer. Standing where I could see if the trains were coming, I directed the traffic, waving them forward. A lot of them thanked me, waving or honking their horns. It was actually a lot of fun! When our member showed up I didn't want to leave my post, although knew I had to. I left reluctantly;)

Argentina has great pizza!

A creative and yummy breakfast

Love all of you, have a great week!
Hermana Dickson

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