Monday, August 3, 2015

My new companion: Elder Lines, The Trio, The "New Area", and the prayer

Hey guys! I'm pleased to announced that my health has finally improved! Therefore, as I'm not dying now, this letter should be a little bit more interesting:)

This week consisted of pouring rain, teaching a lesson with Elder Lines as my companion, seeing miracles on Sunday, getting split up and then added upon, as well as a powerful, much-needed prayer. 
Working in a trio :)


Our first day working together as a trio it poured rain. I was a little worried, as I was still in the process of joining the living and didn't want to relapse. However, the rain slowed down as we finished planning and got ready to head out into the "wild". I love the rain, as it brings a change of scenery. We were able to visit Fanny and serve her, as well as accompany Elder Lines to contact the referral he had for us. He had been saving the referral for over a year, as he'd just never had the time to bring the sisters over to meet and teach him. After all jumping into Elder Line's car we were off, through the pouring rain, to teach Antonio. I was a little nervous, as Elder Lines knows just about everything, but determined to give it my all, especially after being cooped up in the apartment with no one to teach for a week. Antonio asked us what the difference was between our beliefs and those he held. I began to teach the Restoration. With the help of Elder Lines we were able to teach the Restoration, explaining the importance of the priesthood and the Book of Mormon. It was a cool experience to see Elder Lines in action! There aren't many missionaries that can say they "went on splits" with Elder Lines for a lesson;) 
Celebrating the birthday of Hermana Bekaouche

After a long week of work and searching we headed to church with Leo, who is finally feeling better after spending a week or two in bed! Upon arriving we claimed seating, as we knew with two extra wards meeting with us the room was going to fill quickly for the special conference. Leo wanted to pass the sacrament but didn't have a white shirt and tie. As we were looking for just that greeted a sister who was seated, asking her how she was doing. I'd never seen her before, as she assists the Tigre branch. The usual response is "todo bien"! However, she said she wasn't doing too well. I asked her what was wrong and if I could help her in some way. She told me how she had an infection in her leg and was in a lot of pain. I asked her if she'd received a priesthood blessing. She told me she hadn't, to which I told her I was going to find someone to give her a blessing as soon as possible. She thanked me and off I went, looking for someone to help me. I went up to one of the counselors in the bishopric, who told me he could help with the blessing. I went back to get the sister and we gathered in the secretary's office. I was going to leave, but the sister asked if I'd stay during the blessing. That I did, with my companions beside me. After the blessing was given the sister said that the pain had left her body and that she felt a lot better. What a tender mercy of the Lord, that I was able to help her receive a blessing she needed. God had put me in the right place, at the right time, and had allowed me to help one of his precious daughters. The prompting to greet the sister was so small that I didn't recognize it as a prompting until today as I write this email. But the Lord knew that I would act, and trusted me to do so. What a blessing! 

After helping the sister with her blessing we returned to searching for a tie and shirt for Leo. No one had anything, so we ran to our mission leader's house, were given the keys to the baptismal clothing, and got him a shirt that he quickly threw on. One of the older members of the church gave him a tie as we ushered him to join the other deacons. Seeing Leo pass the sacrament filled me with such unexplainable joy. Here he was, acting as the Savior would as he passed the bread and water to men, women, and children that needed the blessings that come with this sacred part of sacrament meeting. I was so proud of him. 
Look what I still have on  hand that my mom sent with me to Argentina
Peanut Butter!  

In the conference it was announced that Virreyes ward was getting split into two, which meant that parts of Tigre and San Fernando would go into the new Virreyes Branch. There also aren't any Elders serving in San Fernando now, meaning that Hermana Green, Bekaouche, and I are in charge of the entire ward. Our area just got a whole lot bigger! 

When we headed to the pension after church I felt pretty overwhelmed with all of the changes and all that I needed to do and be. When we got to the pension I headed straight to the bedroom to pray. I won't go into details, as it was a special and private experience, but I can say that the atonement is real. That it is powerful. 

Thank you all for your support and love! 
Hermana Dickson

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